The rest api of terra2.0

I use ‘phoenix-1’ as the chainid parameter:

but the result is empty.

so , What is the correct URL for the terra2.0?

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The FCD API is a centralized API made for the Finder API (
It doesn’t access directly the blockchain. It accesses a centralized database made by an indexer indexing each block.

If you are building a project, avoid using the FCD and create your own indexer.

Blockchain APIs are LCD endpoints.
Here are the public LCD endpoints, feel free to query your own by using a BaaS service or your own Node.

but the LCD does not support /txs query.
I can only find the data on the FCD like that:

Or, is there any other way to find the transaction data?

You can query Tx information using GetTxsEvent

How to watch totral supply LUNC, USTC, LUNA ?

Again, FCD is not an API you should rely on.

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Thank you