Revival plan doesn't address who bought on the dips and trying to average down initial investment

@dokwon & @staff

The revival plan doesn’t address who bought during the dips and trying to average down their initial investment.

How are you going to address this issue? Also what are we going to do with current bag of LUNA’s shall we go ahead and dump it?

The Fork and snapshot doesn’t solve the actual problem, we will be in same situation again. how does you prevent from people dumping again.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

An investor who lost everything.



I mean, I currently have well over 50 million luna now - that said, with his plan - wouldn’t I receive 10% of that?

I’d still be pretty damn happy with 5 million luna…

Either way, I’m on the ride now - I had no choice but to try and average down my cost like everyone else.


His plan takes care of only who bought before halt, doesn’t address who bought during dips.

The halt was 17 hours ago - My purchase at 0.0000012 (the lowest it could go) was prior to the halt - no? seemingly by 1 hour.

Yes, Unfortunately with his current plan all the coins bought after halt are not considered.

I bought a 100,000 luna below $1 all in has cost me £3000 but by the suggested “fix” I will get nothing back even though I have invested in luna and planned on holding long term believing in its growth instead when they reset I will have 0 tokens and will have purely donated my money to the air - this isn’t right!


do you know when the halt was or what time?

this would be incredible unfair… like literally everyone gets compensated and people who believed the project would survived get left out :rofl:


Once non-Lunatics realize it isn’t in the running for re-boot benefits they will dump it hard until it is delisted

opportunists? If you never owned Luna or UST prior to de-peg then this is what you are and no, you shouldn’t be a major benefactor of any reboot efforts

im gonna DCA in, no way they can’t reward people who bought the token on the exchange… if so they would have had to halt trading on all exchanges once the incident happened… not after 100s of thousands of trades have been made and each token changed hands a dozens of times already

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First Halt time was [5:14 PM UK TIME ZONE · May 12, 2022 ] (

So anything before it you will most likely be in the 10% redistribution

That’s because there’s nothing to benefit them, aside from 10% of nothing. The plan Do reposted from the Terra builders proposal ONLY benefits builders and whales, as well as comes across as, “let’s fork it, and pretend this never happened”. That’s not a solution. There needs to be massive burning of ALL team tokens and future tokens. The charge for the service should also just be burning tokens. If the service is measured in dollars but charged in luna, it should be a very substantial amount burned, very quickly. Does Kwon not know what he’s doing, or just doing whatever benefits the team and whales the most and fastest? I would literally never touch the new chain again. Maybe the best course of action is to turn the keys over to the community and let us find devs?

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You sound like someone who doesn’t understand DCA’ing…

That first halt was for governance issue but the real halt was the one after that where they mentioned they are working on a plan and minting to new Luna was stopped.

Y cuando los compraste ? En los últimos minutos a centavos de dólar jajaja, por favor a los tenedores de Luna en su último día , no tienen que recibir NADA , CERO

Cómo tiene que ser, el plan es bueno

Do Kwon and the developers will face many lawsuits in this case. They will be committing fraud and have publicly confessed before it happens. Is incredible.
LUNA is still trading on exchanges and the plan is to scam all those people who are buying. The good thing is that they are admitting it publicly.

Basically his plan is to recover the whales wallet UST holders and Luna holders before the peg the rest we can just F off and stay poor and commit suicide all we want we won’t get jack from him

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first priority needs to go to validators and delegators - without them there is no blockchain.