Safe Luna

Good day Luna believers

When you want to rebuild something you should build it as everyone want, so my opinion as follows:

First it need to split available supply according to old holders (before attack) and burn the rest of total supply (slow burning).

  • Rewards old holders before attack as they hold by airdrops ( for example: rewards current tokens are worth 10% of $$$ before attack). Team can decide what the percentage after that fast and healthy recovery will happens.

  • Buy back tokens and burn it every month to reach the goal. (Team decide the goal according to old holders).

  • Stop UST for this time till Luna recovery becuase Luna is important than UST.

What the benefits when Luna come back with the same contract ?

We made a strong believers on Luna and the price will going up and old holders can hold it as they want by time they will reach same $$$ before attack.

If we launch Luna V2 it will failed because we will see strong selling (no one will buy one coin most of total supply are airdrops).

With current contract you have only one problem ( Old holders before attack)
With new contract you will have 2 two problems ( Old holders before attack and new holders after attack )

Thank you


Many old holders arent gonna believe luna right now, they keep coins because they havent value anymore. If they believe the project, they bought at the dip. So first burn all possible, lets the value fly and new investors are gonna join, today is luna 10x up. If its tomorrow another 10x people are gonna believe in it. If it falls down to 0,2x people lose their hope and will not invest anymore.


Yes, burn is important thing to safe luna but they need to calculate it and airdrops tokens to old holders depending of the worth in dollars before attack, if they decided to airdrop 10% worth of dollars before attack that mean old holders can recovering after 10x and thats possible.

Yes, but if old investors gain back their looses, they are gonna step out and dont get in back. I don’t understand airdrop tokens, does itmean some another cryptotoken?

Same luna token

If they decided to sell they sell it to cumunity and lose the position

Indeed they were in such a bad mood, wich i understand but if they were more thinking with their head and no feelings the could probably got back at list a small money but at least they wouldn’t have lost everything

Lock UST for 3 month and meanwhile increase the value of LUNA by buyback and burn. With the price of Luna goes up and up, everyone’s wound will eventually heal.

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Well if would be fair when luna is up, it means when Luna gets let’s say 1 usd old holders get continuously not once at the moment some another Luna tokens. But till its up, they would get just useless tokens. There should be promise made, but assured old owners will have to stick with luna.

This is right solution

Also team need to make sure pre attack holders didn’t sell tokens

Its hard to solve, if they sold, they arent gonna get anythinhlg

That’s why they need to airdrops tokens as 5% worth of dollars before attack

This will solve all holders problem.