Best and only solution

Impossible to Recover old luna because this time everyone have millions of luna if some how luna luna burn and just crossed 0.10$ they sold all and again luna on 0.000005$ before Recovery or burn you must think about this

Only 1 solution For big and small investors


Snapshot only all those members which buyed luna at least on 1$ or 0.60$ then give them same amount of new luna they have on that day

For that you have to get all info and details from cex and dex exchanges

This only option you have to make your investors happy

Here is example for better understanding

If do kwon buy 3.75b$ luna and burn do you think that can take luna to 1$ no it can’t because there many small investors who buyed millions luna in 5$ so if somehow luna reached 0.10$ or even 0.01$ then just think about how many thousand dollars he have so you think he or she won’t sell them for you he or she started selling luna will be back to earth again

Just run your brain brothers

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I am with you. I invested all the way to 0.0336, in this situation I am willing to let go of those invest even though I invested more on that rage as I was heavily trying to average down.

But 1$ buy still gonna worth something, where my all investment worth 3$ at the moment!

A fork is a must, nobody has enough money to buy back and burn trillion tokens.

The key question is when is the right time to take the snapshot.

The correct answer, not the last $1 tik, would be when you guys pull the trigger, i.e. increasing minting capacity.


Pure Bs!
Once forked its f**#ked… Everyone will dump it All and no one will trust luna again.