Separation of Rebel Station from TFL infrastructure

Question: Is this separation from TFL also a necessary component to getting rid of USTC debt? If that’s the case, then I definitely agree to this. We should no longer shoulder the responsibility of clearing away that debt…

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@Pascal ~

The Rebels have done nothing to fix (or propose fixes to) TC and all I see are propositions asking to fund the Terra Rebels… Clearly, these ‘Rebels’ are a problem. There could be multiple accounts (all supporting this prop) controlled by the same person giving it a positive vibe…


Is this a heads up to unstake and move our coins onto ledger?

For the past half hour I have been looking at the online published news on Terra’s new “Interchain Station” there is news to be found on many platforms, see for yourself don’t take my word for it. On all of them the claim is that Terra Classic will be fully supported, I have not found any publication claiming otherwise.

Can you TR guys please fill us in on what we don’t know for what I am reading in the media is that Terra Classic is not only going to be supported but the upgrade is completely free. We just need to know what you guys know so we don’t conclude that this is a power play rather than a necessity. Thanks for your answer in advance, please provide this community with the facts & communitions received so we can avoid any arguments on the subject.

The following is taken from a publication called “the crypto basics” but I could have copied it from another dozen sources.

Terra Station To Support Other Cosmos Blockchains Including Terra Classic
Do Kwon Reaffirms Terra Station Support For Terra Classic.

Do Kwon confirms support for Terra Classic (LUNC) as he works to onboard other Cosmos chains.

Do Kwon has made his intention to offer Terra Station support to other Cosmos blockchains known in a tweet on Sunday.

Consequently, the embattled Terra founder requested direct messages from interested core development teams in the ecosystem. The service will be free per a follow-up tweet.

Notably, Kwon confirmed that Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and the Terra Classic network would remain supported as Terra Station transitions into an interchain wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem.

“Yes, yes, LUNC supported,” Kwon tweeted.



Um, maybe I am being silly here. but this does sound a little bit of a “trust me bro, fork over $150K, and you’ll be good bro” situation. Could we at least get some documentation to support the “we have been told/informed”? Could we also get a breakdown of the costs involved, instead of just a nice, round $150K? We need to start somewhere, and this is as good a time as any, to show some professionalism.
I think, these are quite relevant questions.


Hi all, I take my chance and move over the discussion from Telegram to a more technical level:

The proposal is too overpaid for that loose setting of the working package: The milestones are undefined and the maintenance duration is not even discussed.

Let’s shrink it down to the following contents to gain some time for the bigger steps:

  • Mobile application refactoring to function with TR backend infrastructure
  • Desktop application refactoring to function with TR backend infrastructure
  • Finder application refactoring to function with TR backend infrastructure
  • Ongoing technical support of the suite of wallet and finder applications for the next 6 months (technical support for the apps, server infrastructure - including certificates, google/apple dev accounts, etc.)

For first intervention you only need to fork the current applications (ios/android/windows/web/finder) and release it on your own behalve.

I suggest to make a bare minimum. Sorry in case I repeat myself:

Take over the repos (just fork it) and release it on a new infrastructure. That costs at maximum 20k (at least for some months)

After that we can talk calmly about the next steps. And don’t need to rush over such important topics.

That’s the first and only breaking change since the beginning of the TR work and if you link that in the way like “you need that update for that price else the project dies” it gets a bit fishy.

Cheers Zeus


Regardless of what Do Kwon is saying, or not saying, or intends in the future, I do think Rebel Station needs to be a thing. LUNC can’t rely on someone else’s setup if it means to be an autonomous chain. I support this initiative.


After some proposals, which have been denied, this seems to be another try to get some money by TR. I really hope that this will be denied also. You guys, Terra Rebels, dont want to LUNC progress but what you really want is money. I hope that community is not stupid nor kids, because only they can still believe that TR want to help…


Didn’t DK just announce that Terra Station will be renamed to Station, come out with super cool features and support many other chains including lunc? A lot of chains (cosmos, stargaze etc.) are getting in on this and we’re running away??? I would consider your plan if Terra would not support lunc anymore, but now I vote against it. Besides $150k is overpriced in my opinion.


My opinion is, if you want to separate from TFL and if you go for power, shouldn’t you pay for your wallet yourself (you are holding the keys)? You will be capitalising on it in the future! Asking for a friend. And please prioritise a phone app for android and IOS, as majority of retail investors of LunaClassic are using their phone. Thx for your work


It would also be nice to burn the TFL Lunc and ustc owned assets otherwise Lunc will always be a hostage of TFL.

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I’ll vote no for the following reasons:

  • having a specific TR station makes us fully dependent from TR in the future
  • specific and dedicated solutions are normally more expensive in the ling run than having TFL maintaining the core of the station whilst TRs supports only the deltas for the LUNC soecifics
  • I’d rather see this amount spent on extra features to drive evolution on the chain. The wallet itself doesn’t bring anything new
  • I’m not in favour of separation but integration. Together we are stronger so if TFL will have a solution forvthe whole cosmos, why lunc would have it’s owned custmized station?

That’s all i can think of for now


I agree, the apps in the Google Play Store and App Store alone have to be constantly updated and maintained. Recurring function improvements, security patches, etc. Who pays for all this? I’m not even talking about any new features here. It’s not like you put an app in the Appstore and then only do something once a year. So we should be thankful that we can use TFL’s app. Of course, we also need a plan B, but we have that, the browser extension.

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so would linking your terra station wallet with the terra rebels wallet be enough?

It’s the time to do this!Big Yes!



For TFL’s Terra Station, they will no longer support code changes or updates to it, they have not yet provided the timeline for that sunsetting, it will be considered legacy.


Seems obvious that Terra Station will not be supported after the introdution of the new interchain wallet - and why would it be necessary anyway? But whoever has his funds on Terra Station today will be migrated to the interchain wallet or opt to move to Rebel Station. I cannot see a scenario by December 15th your wallet will not work. It will be upgraded we probably won’t notice. DK is not about to shoot himself in the foot and turn us off.

The stuff about to break then because of the prefix? Is that Terra Rebel specific? Your wallet? your dapps? Sorry guys I am not technical I will admit it. Is this Do Kwon trying to make his play against the Rebels and the work done so far?

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If the prefix does not get changed (which would require core code changes as well as station apps and such), then interchain station (TFL’s new station) will not work / support LUNC, TFL will simply stop supporting existing Terra Station apps and commute those to legacy with no code updates, and as we all know, legacy apps eventually over time break.

As for the infrastructure that legacy station will use, no idea how long that will be supported either, but I would imagine from a financial standpoint, TFL would want to eventually sunset that as well.

Just to clarify this more, this is NOT specific so some Terra Rebels wallet, this prefix (terra1) change is specific to the entire LUNC chain (Luna V1) and its smart contract / IBC, again, this requires a CORE code change as well as changes to station and other such related apps / libs.