Separation of Rebel Station from TFL infrastructure


This community pool spend proposal from Terra Rebels is concerned with ensuring that the community retains access to their wallets through Rebel Station after TFL replace Terra Station with a new wallet application, Interchain Station, with which Terra Classic is not compatible without extensive and costly L1 development work.


TFL are in the process of replacing Terra Station with a new Interchain Station wallet application which is designed to operate across all Cosmos blockchains via IBC, and as a result Terra Station will cease to be supported and will sunset over a time period that has not yet been clearly defined by TFL.

The existing Station mobile applications potentially may be removed as soon as the end of 2022 when the existing Terra Station mobile apps will likely update to the Interchain Station mobile application according to the rough estimate given by TFL.

The Terra Classic blockchain is currently incompatible with Interchain Station and the work that TFL has described as being necessary to make it compatible is extensive and costly L1 work (the parity upgrade work in v2.0.3 and much more is required along with extensive regression testing). There will also be inconvenient migration activities due to certain requirements that will have a negative impact on existing blockchain dApps and smart contracts.

Whilst this work eventually may be done, access to the legacy chrome extension and web portal (through Rebel Station) must be provided, as a minimum, in the interim period to allow the community to continue to access their wallets through a maintainable platform.


The Rebel Station Chrome Extension and Website are fully hosted by Terra Rebels, but still rely on significant parts of TFL’s back-end assets/infrastructure. We therefore propose that we must urgently perform work to separate the Rebel Station Website and Chrome Extension from TFL. This work has the following components:

  • Provision of backend infrastructure and assets on TR controlled hosting
  • Refactor Rebel Station frontend to reference TR backend assets and infrastructure
  • Remove TFL proprietary private APIs, reverse engineer, and create local alternatives
  • Testing and deployment

We anticipate this work taking 2 months at a cost of $150,000.

This is the first of a series of spending proposals related to Rebel Station and Finder, with future proposals required to cover the following areas:

  • Mobile application refactoring to function with TR backend infrastructure
  • Desktop application refactoring to function with TR backend infrastructure
  • Finder application refactoring to function with TR backend infrastructure
  • Ongoing technical support of the suite of wallet and finder applications

We see these activities as critical to maintaining wallet and Finder access in the light of TFL’s planned replacement of Terra Station with Interchain Station, and as such we have prioritized this work over the v2.0.3 parity upgrade work and will revisit (and provide a budget) for the parity work in due course. We strongly recommend that the community votes for the plan.

Signed by: Raider70, echel0n, Vegas

Co-signed by: Yogabba, Venus199


Confirming that this proposal is coming from the official Terra Rebels Classic-Agora account.


Confirmed as well!


Confirmed that this proposal is coming from the Official Terra Rebels-Agora account.


I agree!


I agree to this.




So almost everyone wants to be separate from TFL. This proposal is what we need.


First quick question, hopefully easy to answer. What are the ongoing hosting costs, and how will these be funded?


It be needed an’ it be wanted, I be tankin’ ye me mateys :fist::skull_and_crossbones::sunglasses::+1::beers:


Thanks for your question! We will advise on future costs at a later date. This is a new and developing situation that we were only informed about during the last week, so we have prioritised the planning and budgeting work that is required to provide continuity of the Web app and Chrome Extension, that will form the base of future work (e.g. for the mobile apps).


When we can expect mobile application of rebel station? Can your team make a video how to use rebels station on mobile for now ? On urgent basis


Wow, it’d be cheaper to create and host my own station than pay Terra Rebels 150k$ to do that.

So now you have the communities wallets with their mnemonic phrases and private keys and now you want to host all this on unknown hosting hardware.

Well, good luck with that.

Btw: huge no from me!


Is TR trying to take control of lunc by force? DK said several times that lunc was being supported? Are rebels trying to steal funds after not getting the external funding they requested. Is terra rebels even a dao, we cant pay some undoxxed dudes.


Why doesn’t everyone with a ‘Rebel Station’ migrate to the ‘Terra Station’ and save the community the cost to fix that Rebel Station to be compliant with the new Interchange Station?

This seems to be a request for community funds to fund a third-party project ~ as DK has already said the new station will be Classic compatible!

The Terra Rebels are the most overrated group in blockchain ~ what exactly have they done? The validators saved Lunc and those in the community will redesign Classic and find coders to code it better than it was before.


It’s not about the cost to host station, it’s the cost involved in migrating away from TFL, that includes migration of assets and where those are stored, LCD/FCD setup/hosting, Finder setup/hosting, Agora setup/hosting, custom API creation/hosting, the list goes on, it’s not as simple as just copy and host.

Also, we do NOT store mnemonic phrases or private keys for wallets, so not sure where you got that info? The code is open source so feel free to show me where you see that, thanks!


If TFL will shut down Terra Station - this is all much needed and we should support it.
However this comes as a surprise and goes against the statements of support from TFL so far.
Can this community be given access to the communications from TFL / DK on the subject to be able to reply in the correct fashion without creating division?


Do has said Lunc will be compatible and Terra rebels is saying it isn’t but what are we suppose to do for 2 months? If Terra is ending Lunc at the end of this month? “Possibility”


maybe i will say something dumb but, cost related, wouldn’t it cheaper to ask money now for v23 so we have parity with luna and then there would be no incompatibility problem with interchain station?
the way i understand it is we pay for rebel station but then after that we would still have to pay for v23 wich would allow us to use interchain station anyway. Honestly, that is not really the cost that bother me but more the delay that push back v23 till …when?
Can you TR correct me if i’m wrong on this?


Well this is a no brainer, I agree 100%, but Do Kwon has not helped matters by claiming publicly that LUNC will be supported.