Short Attackers Addresses

Short Attacker 1: terra195wtjmpjxhp336mclqfsyk2plvs8mw3lhsc5nc

Wallet Created on April 20, 2022 with initial deposit of almost 2,000,000 UST. Wallets that previously interacted with this wallet also took part in the attack and were created over course of the last year.

Short Attacker 2: terra1yl8l5dzz4jhnzzh6jxq6pdezd2z4qgmgrdt82k

Wallet created on March 16, 2022.

Great video on the attack:

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its very easy to find the short attackers. binance can know it because every account just id confirmed


No way …They wont try such … it must be a code wallet that did the attack


Both Binance and Gemini KYCed the attackers AND allowed them to violate their Terms of Service without freezing or suspending their accounts. Strange so many on this forum are against an investigation of the attackers - makes you wonder who they serve?


since when shorting an asset is “attack”? People short assets every second, every day including big whales.

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wow why would someone be aganist investigation. they are part of this attack too

@MagicalTux Why do you keep pretending that evidence has not already been presented to you multiple times proving it was a multi-pronged attack and continue attempting spinning this as a simple short and normal market activity?

@Nock Yes the TradFi attack is not over yet with all their toadies on these boards who continue to attack Terra, Terra 2.0, and continue deflecting from the original attackers.