Staking rewards went badly down

Hello, today I just checked my rewards, got surprised now UTC 12:30 now all validators rewards went from 18. ish to 8-7 ish, there’s a bug on all validators?

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Was wondering the same thing…


The annualized staking yield is what has me wondering why, why was it removed from Luna classic but on the mainnet it is still visible.


A week ago , I was receiving per day around 10.500 lunc, after that day, a whale came to terra station and staked 190 Millions in one go, my rewards went down to 8.300 ish, at the end we the little ones pay for the party, meanwhile someone is enjoing it

I think it depends also by the number of new validators, like me, joined the network on 27 october

Staking rewards should go down to stop units from being sent into circulated, especially when the revenue from system ‘fees’ is nominal…

On your screenshot I see nothing about apr%… my rewards haven’t changed…