Why am I not receiving the advertised rewards, am I mistaken with my numbers?

Could someone explain why I’m not getting anywhere near the advertised rewards for my staked amount?

I have 48,208,748 LUNC equally split across seven validators. For the sake of simplicity I’ll do the calculations as one sum with the worst case scenario, currently 6% highest commission, 19 LUNC per 100 LUNA(?) and I’ll round down.


48,208,748 / 100 = 482,087

482,087 x 19 (current, lowest monthly reward) = 9,159,653 LUNC

9,159,653 – 6% (highest commission rate) = 8,610,073 LUNC

8,610,073 / 31Days = 277,744 LUNC per day.

I have had my LUNC staked for 11 days and, therefore, I should have approximately 3,055,184 LUNC according to the above calculations but, I do not. As of now, 11 days, I have 337,481 LUNC tokens.

Have I made a mistake or is there something iffy going on?


APY means how much you are gonna get for 1 whole year of holding your LUNC. APY is not meaning income for month.

Tolben, thanks for the reply.
In case we are getting our wires crossed I am staking on Terra Station and I was going on the information below in the screen grab, I do not see anything that indicates APY, only what it says in the description to which I based my calculations.


Is the ‘Luna’, in the screen grab, simply an oversight or is something else going on?


@Tommygunn Well this data are wrong, more correct to be if you change “month” to year. Also there was an graph on station before, to show stake rewards income in %, but after they realized that this data were also wrong they hided this graphs. So this is something they did not change, hide or correct. I have reported many bugs on station, but only few of them was fixed. They just don´t care about it. In todays situation if we talk officially, TR are working on LUNA CLASSIC server core and TFL works on TERA 2.0 server core, BUT TFL still make changes on Station page, station extension, mobile app etc.
I told to separate the pages, but maybe they don´t want or can´t do it. Or there are many others cons to do this. So in your case, if you don´t like rewards you are getting, you should undelegate and sell LUNC. There is anything else to do.