Suggestions for bringing the luna project into community autonomy

From the silence of DO in the past few days after the crash of Luna and the way LFG handled things, it can be seen that DO and LFG have been unable to govern LUNA. I suggest that those who hold LUNA tokens can unite and let the LUNA project enter the community autonomy. This is more in line with the spirit of blockchain, decentralization.
There is nothing wrong with the algorithm, but the fault lies in the ignorance and arrogance of DO, who is a very selfish person.
Let’s unite together to let LUNA enter the community autonomy, and the community has the ability to give LUNA a better future.
We don’t need to fork because the new LUNA will be just as worthless.


I do like the idea, what do you have in mind?

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On May 18th, a voting proposal was launched to let Luna enter the community autonomy proposal. Obviously, DO and LFG have not enough LUNA to control the LUNA project. We issued a fork. After the community self-governance, we will work with CZ Binance to propose a specific burning plan. Everyone It can be done together.
Let’s make luna strong again.