Swap from Terra native to CW-20 token

Hi all,

Yet another swap/smart contract interaction question, when I run the following:

USTANC_contract = ’
mk = mnemonic key set elsewhere
spread = 0.1
UST_amount_to_be_swapped1 = 1

def Swap_UST_for_ANC(UST_amount_to_be_swapped1, mk, USTANC_contract, spread):

Testwallet = terra.wallet(mk)

data = '{"swap":{"max_spread":'+str(spread)+'}}'

encodedBytes = base64.b64encode(data.encode("utf-8"))
encodedStr = str(encodedBytes, "utf-8")

send_Swap_UST_for_ANC = (
        contract="terra14z56l0fp2lsf86zy3hty2z47ezkhnthtr9yq76", #ANC
            "send": {
                "msg": encodedStr,  #'{"swap":{"max_spread":"0.005"}}' converted from json to Base64. Refer to https://docs.terraswap.io/docs/howto/swap/
                 "amount": str(UST_amount_to_be_swapped1),
                "contract": USTANC_contract 

# Send tx
tx_Swap_UST_for_ANC = Testwallet.create_and_sign_tx(

result_tx_Swap_UST_for_ANC = terra.tx.broadcast(tx_Swap_UST_for_ANC)

Swap_UST_for_ANC(1000000, mk, USTANC_contract, 0.1)

I get the following error:

LCDResponseError: Status 400 - failed to execute message; message index: 0: dispatch: Error parsing into type terraswap::pair::Cw20HookMsg: Invalid type: execute wasm contract failed: invalid request

If I change the ANC CW-20 token contract to ‘uusd’ so I can swap from UST to ANC it gives the following error:

LCDResponseError: Status 400 - Invalid contract address (decoding bech32 failed: invalid bech32 string length 4): invalid address: invalid request

I am not really sure what is going on here? Any possible fixes I can try on this one?

Not yet I just get the same errors, I am trying to find the complete list of query parameters to check I am messaging the right message.

keep in mind that @Henry is a scammer.