Airdrop Claim and validate?

Hi Support. I was told by a twitter terra link to move my Coinbase WLUNA coins to KuCoin as Luna, and then from KuCoin to Terra Station (new wallet). I have now already done this few days ago and can see my LUNA coins in Terra Station wallet now.

However, now I am told that I need to claim and validate the airdrop, which was already disbursed to my wallet, but I have to Claim and Validate it [moderator edit: removed illegitimate link], where I have to enter my private key also to connect my wallet in order to continue. I have not done this step yet, because I am having an issue and also a concern. I am wondering if this is safe and a required step to get the airdrops?

No!!! This is a scam website!!!

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Please be aware this is a (

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thank you

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Please help…will LUNA auto change to LUNC in terra station wallet?

Already 27th and still showing as LUNA …will the ticker auto change to LUNC? or we need to take an action?

The old Luna continues to exist and you can sell it now if you wish. You will get the new Luna as a new token after the launch tomorrow.

Thank you rosanne89 and Donge, much appreciated. I wont process with them any further and definitly not giving y private key.

I am hoping since I only gave my public wallet address in Coinbase from where I transferred my WLUNA coins, and only the public address of my Terra Wallet where I currently have LUNA, that they wont be able to steal either my coins or my airdrops. Please let me know if I am safe or if I should do something to protect this?

it is desirable to transfer all the coin to a new wallet

Hi roseanne89, Please help. As mentioned in terra_money, I updated my Terra Station wallet settings to point to the new network = phoenix-1 but when I see my wallet, while it says Terra 2, it still shows LUNA, with same number of coins. It does not show these coins as LUNC, and it does not show the new LUNA with the airdrop coins. When I switch settings back to select the mainnet network, I again see the Terra Classic display with my current LUNA coins, no airdrop of LUNA, no LUNC

I have LUNA in terra station wallet. Will it convert to LUNC if I keep it?
They have not and it is already the 27th . What do I do to have it convert? You can’t deposit old Luna in any exchanges anymore …

Only the snapshot is taken now. The new chain will start on 28th May at 6 AM UTC and you will get the airdrop during that time.

It is not being converted, it will be a new coin. So you can sell the old coins if you wish.

Hi. please tell me, can I participate in airdrop luna 2.0 if my luna has been on terra station wallet since May 24? couldn’t find information anywhere.

Yes, you would be eligible for the post attack drop

Thank you.

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Whenever ANYBODY asks your private key, that’s an attempt to steal your money. I suggest you to report the user/site/email from where you received the request and block them immediately!
DO NOT give your private key to anybody.
DO NOT type your private key in any website, even if it looks like MetaMask, Terra Station and so on…

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Have taken a break from crypto, twitter etc for last 2 weeks and went on hols instead. Now just catching up. Still have a lot of aUST (deposited on anchor) but failed to move them to terrastation after the attack :frowning:
Is there anything I can still do or will this disqualify me for the airdrop?

UST on Anchor is also eligible for the drop.

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Brilliant, cheers for the quick response

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Hello new to the fourm…so I have my Luna coins on Kucoin they have changed to the new Luna Classic but im not able to withdraw them…I just created a wallet on Terra Station but now im not able to transfer my LUNAC to my Terra wallet due to kucoins restrictions?? Do I need to have my coin in that terra wallet to be eligible for the airdrop? Thanks