Airdrop eligibility for (a)UST holders on hardware wallets


I have three questions I would appreciate your advise please so that I can make a more informed decision:

  1. I had my UST deposited “pre-attack” on Anchor using a hardware wallet. Since then I withdrew them from Anchor using the terra station app but am still keeping them in my hardware wallet.
    Can you please confirm if I will be eligible for the airdrop? And if not what actions you suggest taking.

  2. Will I still be eligible to receive airdrops of the new luna if I decided to sell my UST between now and the launch of the new chain on the 27th May or will airdrops only be sent to those wallets who still hold UST on the 27th May?

  3. Once the new chain launches, will UST cease to exist or still be able to be traded on the old chain?


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You are fine, there is no difference between hardware terra wallet and software other than your seed phrase never being exposed.

There are two snapshots so if you sell now you will remain eligible for the first snapshot, but not for the second.

UST can continue to be traded on the old chain after the new chain is launched.

Hi. I hold luna now on kucoin. Will i get the airdrop on kucoin?

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It depends from your CEX

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Better to send it to Terra wallet.


I’m new crypto. I bought some Luna post attack. Could anyone please tell me if I need to disconnect my Terra Station wallet every time to log out of this app? (I have an iPhone and using the mobile app version of Terra Station wallet).
Just wondering if clicking on disconnect tab on my wallet every time in order to log out will affect the post attack snapshot or it doesn’t matter at all how I log out of my Terra Station wallet?

Please confirm if I need to click on the Disconnect tab every time in order to log out of my wallet or simply just swipe the app up to log out? I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing here in order to receive the airdrop. Please advise me on how to log out of the Terra Station wallet app. Thanks for your help

You will eligible for the drop if you have UST aUST or Luna in Terra Station your wallet, it doesn’t matter if you log out or login to your wallet.

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Hello. On May 15, I bought LUNA 185000 on Binance. They are in my SafePal wallet. Question: What should I do to not miss the airdrop?

Just transfer it to Terra Station wallet.

I think I may have a serious problem. I have purchased of 30K in WLUNA but I can’t move it to a terra wallet until late on the 27th due to security issues. Will I still get the drop as long as I get the coins to my terra wallet but the end of the 27th?

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I find it difficult to configure the Terra station wallet

Where you are holding your wluna now?


What is the second snap shot for. I’m so unsure wheather to sell my UsT now or hold it.

You should transfer it to Terra wallet.

Post attack snapshot which is on 27th May. Check the Revival 2 thread.

All mine was in Anchor on the post attack snap shot. So is there any benefit holding on to my UST other than hoping the price goes up?

You can wait for the post attack drop.

@rosanne89 I have the same problem and purchased my tokena on 10th May while today i didnt received any airdrops and your help desk also never and never reaponded me how to take anysnapshot. My tokena are saved in SafePal wallet on BSC and blessing your helpful team, i didnt receive anything and all my life saving gone. Many thanks to you for rewarding the investors!

You will get it on a later date as it was held on BSC network. So not now but on a later date, please wait for more details.