The only real way

The real solution is usualy the simplest one.

  • UST holders must be happy at the end od this story. If you want this project to stay alive after any change we make, they need to get full refund for every penny they invested. That is the only way how UST is going to stay what it was and what it shoul be - replacement for 1$.

  • We cant make difference between pre and post attack Luna buyers, because post attack Luna buyers bought for 50$ or for 0.0000X$. Those who bought for 50$ are closer to buyers who bought before attack. Luna is meant to be colateral for UST and that is it. No price guarantied.

So, my proposal is very simple. Just garantee UST holders one dollar price, and system is going to reverse itself. If it is necessary implement deflation on Luna and all is going to fix by itself.

IMOPRTANT is to understand that we are not fixing system to get our money back, but to keep it functional and usable. The only reason why it was in TOP 10 cryptocurrencies is because people believed in it and used it a lot. That must be our final goal. At the end, that is the reason why all of us have bought it at all. If we make anything like hard fork or changes like that it would look like we are fighting to get any money in our pockets and to run away. In that case Luna is finished already and don’t bother yourself by fixing it.

Ps. First We need to find a solution for a problem We have, so it never happens again.