Transaction AdSense v.1.1

This is not completed Prop, Just sharing my idea and I need your reviews to be realistic.

To make the most of the transaction processing time when performing a transaction on Terra
station or others, ads are played during the 6-second transaction time.

Make oppotunity to get fonds from outside of the chain like Companies or people who want to Ad effectively.
win-win situation can be possible by this prop.

To advertise
Advertisements can include the following
➢ Banner ads
➢ Video ads
➢ still images

URL insertion is only allowed for users on the whitelist.
In terms of user protection from spam.

Price (tentative)
Banner ad 1k views = n Lunc = $1 market price 5cent~/n
Video ad 1k views = n Lunc = $1.5 Market price 3cents~/n
Still image 1k views = n Lunc = $1.3
Payments are paid in Lunc(USTC) in the wallet.

Advertising revenue is used for the following.
:black_circle: Refill the Community Pool
:black_circle: Refill the Reward Pool
:black_circle: Burn
:black_circle: Support devs
Or others by the community votes.

:black_circle:stable pools amount of Lunc
:black_circle: When prices are low, advertisers buy more Lunc, thus stabilizing prices.

:black_circle: Some Ads contents will violate the low in local.

Prospect revenue (2/11/2023~3/12/2023)
Transaction volume 742.4B (Lunc)/month
Average 24.746B/day
Assuming that 80% of the transaction volume is used to display ads, and that a month is 30
:black_circle: Banner ad $1.9797M/d. $59.391M/m
:black_circle: Video ad $2.9695M/d. $89.085M/m
:black_circle: Image ad $2.5736M/d. $77.2083M/m

Ad Management Board
Ad Management Board can provide advertisers more
flexible options
● change duration of display start and end
● manage ads credits
*Credis for image(video, Bannar) 450/1000 times
● Buy more Credits option
● show analytics


・Need devs to develop this codes, I am not good at coding.
・Need to audit URLs for spam.
Can this be outsourced?
・Sales over the world.
・Questionnaire to present more clearly to advertisers.
Questionnaire Contents
:black_circle: Age
:black_circle: Place of residence
:black_circle: Gender
:black_circle: What would you like to buy if LUNC was $1?

To-Do List
•hire L2 devs or voluntarily
• look for advertisers and marketing for them to
increase assets.
• hire front end engineer for UI
• make Ads Management board
• make presentations to show effects and
• audits for ads

Service (plan)

  • Free Trial for a month or 100,000times

Quick Road-Map

There are PDFs this prop and flow below.

Transaction Ad-en.pdf (307.6 KB)
Transaction Adsense flow -en.pdf (218.6 KB)

New Update Transaction AdSense v1.0.pdf (928.7 KB)


Not only do I think that this is a clear, concise and sensible proposal, I would be happy to contribute to the development.

I have a fair idea about the digital advertising industry and I use most ad platforms regularly for my work - I am an advertiser, so to speak. So I can provide you with a fair idea about the data points on which we build ads.

Let’s see what others think. We can take this up accordingly since this would have been a part of my future plans, so might as well work on it if it is passed by the community. I do not know you personally, but I think this is a good proposal.


Yes thank you for your interest!
We need a lot of things not only develeping resources but also understanding from the community for This prop.
well, it takes time to go on.

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Thank you. I like it and I would not worry too much about local laws I think that would be negligible as a risk.I am more concerned about any side effects on the efficiency of the transaction itself but I do not have the knowledge to validate that concern. Today as I do transactions quite a number of them fail and I have to reload the wallet. Probably 1 in 5 transactions I cannot complete on first try.
Therefore I would ask you to evaluate the implications the advertising campaign will have on local and network resources and how that may affect the user experience of the transaction.
Thanks again!


Since the community do not own any of the current stations so we can´t vote to implement this. You would have to talk with the teams running those.

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Nice, we need someone on l1 like @ek826 to check this out. The only barrier/downside i can see is the implementation process. Idea is solid 100%


Thank you for your Review!
Yes, I’ve tryed to ask Devs (L2) mostly to cooporate with me. The fondamental problem that I have is A Recoginition. Nobody knows This prop right now.
So, I spend most of time to spread this at this time.

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Pretty well thought out. The implementation of this idea could completely solve the problem of financing developers. And still on buns would be left

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