Transaction AdSense

This is not completed Prop, Just sharing my idea and I need your reviews to be realistic.

To make the most of the transaction processing time when performing a transaction on Terra
station or others, ads are played during the 6-second transaction time.

Make oppotunity to get fonds from outside of the chain like Companies or people who want to Ad effectively.
win-win situation can be possible by this prop.

To advertise
Advertisements can include the following
➢ Banner ads
➢ Video ads
➢ still images
URL insertion is only allowed for users on the whitelist.
In terms of user protection from spam.

Price (tentative)
Banner ad 1k views = n Lunc = $1 market price 5cent~/n
Video ad 1k views = n Lunc = $1.5 Market price 3cents~/n
Still image 1k views = n Lunc = $1.3
Payments are paid in Lunc in the wallet.
Advertising revenue is used for the following.
:black_circle: Refill the Community Pool
:black_circle: refill the Reward Pool
:black_circle: Burn
Or others
:black_circle: Pools a stable amount of Lunc, although its use has not yet been decided .
:black_circle: When prices are low, advertisers buy more Lunc, thus stabilizing prices.
:black_circle: None in particular
Prospect revenue (2/11/2023~3/12/2023)
Transaction volume 742.4B (Lunc)/month
Average 24.746B/day
Assuming that 80% of the transaction volume is used to display ads, and that a month is 30
:black_circle: Banner ad $1.9797M/d. $59.391M/m
:black_circle: Video ad $2.9695M/d. $89.085M/m
:black_circle: Image ad $2.5736M/d. $77.2083M/m

Need devs to develop this codes, I am not good at coding.
Need to audit URLs for spam.
Can this be outsourced?
∙ Questionnaire to present more clearly to advertisers.
Questionnaire Contents
:black_circle: Age
:black_circle: Place of residence
:black_circle: Gender
:black_circle: What would you like to buy if LUNC was $1?
There are PDFs this prop and flow below.

Transaction Ad-en.pdf (307.6 KB)
Transaction Adsense flow -en.pdf (218.6 KB)


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The wallets are L2 dapps, so would be down to whoever builds/hosts the wallet (TR/TFL/e.t.c) to put this in. They would also get any benefit of doing so (rather than the protocol)

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i want less ads in my life not more.

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Thank you for your comment!
Yes, the first probrem is the dev to build this.
So, that I need more people to know and consider this.

Hi. I appreciate you trying to find additional space where we can monetize. But… and this is a big BUT - I think it’s very disrespectful for us to display advertising in the Wallet. Can you imagine an tradicional internet banking application that would display advertising for third parties? It would be disastrous.


Thank you for your interest!
just wonder do you hate simpley Ads even if it won’t take your time??
The displays won’t take more over the processing time. it means only for 6s maximum.

Well, I understand ads display will annoy someone sometime, but my ask for that kind of people is that “do you want to miss opportunity to make fonds in potential” and I don’t want ads even if someone fonds us, but i hope Lunc would be higher!! Fight devs for us.
Is this lesser respectful in my opinion.

I understand well people do hate ads displays, so I consider set opt for everyone else like Brave.
That’s easier to make solutions for everyone equally :slight_smile:

What would you think about it??

Yeah sorry mate, the point I was trying to make is; this something that could be approached by reaching out to the developers of the wallet dapps directly. Not something that would benefit the protocol itself (unless the developers gave their ad revenue to the community), and not something that we can really vote on or implement on l1.

Alright! I’m going to find L2 devs and ask about it :slight_smile: thank you

Goog idea

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This is actually a great idea, something that I had been thinking about myself. I think there is some other wallet which displays ads while transacting. In fact, if I am not mistaken, Metamask, indirectly, displays ads too. The ramps that Metamask offers and the NFT projects are basically ads. They look like that cause they are native ads - they are supposed to look part of the wallet design. That’s how large companies like Google and Twitter design their ads.

But @nath is also correct about the fact that ads will have to be implemented by the wallet providers since they will need to check how they get affected with respect to taxes, if they collect ad money from the wallets. That will surely involve income tax and other financial regulations. There are regulations about showing ads in different countries in the world - like an ad in the US can’t be shown in China. This is another problem. For example, YouTube videos in one country might be banned in another, so we need an an entire team to look after this. It is possible, but we need to take a re-look at the legalities around it first. We need to talk to someone who is in the digital advertising industry full time.

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