Tried Redeeming my UST to my Terra Wallet - Funds Never Arrived

I was trying to redeem my UST through Wormhole but Its not working. The Transaction was a success but the funds did not arrive…Is there someone who could walk me through how to get my aUST/UST into my Terra Station Wallet (or Metamask)?

What should I do?

Here’s the TX Hash: 660A17E61C149C1B1C3F650D3D6B3C394A7C358E1286FE7141FACF825845FD32

Steps To Reproduce Issue
Here’s a video of me trying it and it not working: loom[dot]com

Expected Result
Transfer of ~400 UST to my Terra Station Waller (or Metamask).

Actual Result
Successful Transaction but no funds arrived.

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)
See Loom Video above - replace the [dot] with a “.”

PM me on Telegram: Contact @mayankgrover733