weUSDT (wormhole) support on Terra

So, I guess I did something stupid?

Tried transferring usdt from Phantom to Terra Station wallet using the wormhole v2 bridge.

I thought since everything looked ok in the UI that I’d just swap my usdt for UST once in the terra station wallet. Transaction is marked as succesfull but I didn’t see anything come out the wormhole into my terra station wallet. Wormhole did mention my usdt would be wrapped which was fine since I sa that weUSDT was supported on Terra. I even confirmed the transaction through a Terra Wallet push approval…

Greatly appreciated if anyone can help a self-confessed moron out… I can hand in a reward in SOL or Luna. I will not respond to any DM, since they are all scams

tx on SOL: 3m6ZKnqn7tBS5WqLyYNse4BPnwH1cGjLX1trAegjD94unfSAQa4LyAtGDTgaDe5uQjcWjqML1NSi33E7WMp8Rhwb

tx on Terra: 57D8FDC946D0A56F46DAF865FCE67835F7D9D96619BE675C6D830D7ADA3FC4A2

Is it not possible to simply use the Wormhole UI to do the same thing in reverse?

The support on the Wormhole Discord is good. I suggest you ask them for help.

i did the same exact thing… did you find the way to fix our problems?