Airdrop to UST holders (anchor)

I have my UST in anchor before the start of the attack and I haven’t move it so I want to know if I will be able to airdrop.


I have my UST originally on mirror protocol and now on Binance, would also like to know if and how to qualify for the air drop.

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If you have aUST in your Terra wallet then you will be eligible for the drop.


Better to send those UST to your Terra wallet to be fully secured about the post attack drop.

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So I have to withdraw my $UST from Anchor to my terra wallet now to get the airdrops?

If you have aUST in your wallet that’s also good.

I tried to witdraw my ust from anchor , and it doesnt let me do it, saying " not enough aUST for fees". Did you have prbkrm like this? Ho do I solve it?

The transaction fee in UST needs to come out of your regular wallet, not from Earn

Hi mayakgrover733

I have UST via FTX, should I move it to Terra Wallet, or keep it in FTX?

Can you help me understand what will happen to the UST holders? What is aUST?

Thank you

You can transfer it to Terra wallet.

Hi! I also have my UST stacked, sending them terra station will do to get any airdrop?that’s it?

hy !
do you have to report or register somewhere to have your UST converted to a dollar?
I staked UST on my terra wallet and in anchor!

thank you LG lomex

Can please someone answer the question on what exchanges we will receive the Airdrop?? FTX? Binance?, Kraken?.. Thanks

Nothing is confirmed at this time. Best to move to a terra station wallet if you are able.

No need to do anything

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I transferred my ust to binance, then tried to trade my ust to cut my losses (I didn’t know yet that there was a stimulus plan on the way). If I buy back ust and deposit them on my terra station wallet, will I be eligible for the airdrop? does the fact that I had ust during the attack make me eligible for the stimulus plan airdrop?

Any news about what to do with our UST stacked in Anchor?

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Yes you can do it before the snapshot which is on 27th May.

You can either let it staked or withdraw from Anchor.