Unable to send funds from Terra Station: SOLVED

Sorry, my fault, please ignore!

Hi there.
I tried to transfer some LUNA from Terra Station this morning. It’s been around 6 hours and still the transaction is queued. (Terra Finder has been “searching transaction” for the same length of time - I guess the transaction has not yet appeared on the blockchain, anyway).
Has something gone wrong or is this to be expected? Should I wait? Is it OK to shut down my computer while it is queued?
Many thanks.

Now, 23 hours later and funds have not left my wallet. I’ve tried again (I have enough LUNA that if both transfers succeed then that’s fine). It’s just queuing again (20 minutes, now).
I don’t have any UST, just LUNA. Is this a problem? When I verified the transaction it mentioned a fee of 1427 microLUNA, but also “gas” of 108076. What is the difference between the fee and the gas?