Wormhole transfer very confusing did not complete?

I tried to transfer Luna from ETH network through the wormhole to a newly created Terra Station wallet.
Took me a while to figure it out got a few errors
Thought the transaction was complete
Thought I paid ETH gas and Luna gas (which I thought it said it was taking out of the transaction)
Seemed like the bridge was completed
but it never showed up in the Terra station wallet (thought it was network congestion)

Went back to https://www.portalbridge.com to look around
I guess I did not complete the redeem process??? Step 4…

404 error (people on google says that because target wallet needs luna for gas)

Questions is how much gas is needed to complete this???
I live in New York so it might be a problem getting Luna on Terra network to my wallet

hey, do you have the transaction id?

Some people on reddit helped me complete the bridge thanks

Hi alagiz I try to repay my borrowing before 7 days and the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain but the anchor protocol says it’s pending. why is it takes so much time? how I can fix it?

p.s- is in avax network


You have to restore the TX.