Fast moves after snapshot messing up airdrop?

My Terra Station wallet

Shortly after the 7790000 block snapshot I moved my UST out of the TS wallet to Kraken and Wormhole. I thought I’d verify the airdrop amount on the new chain before taking further actions…

Glad I did! because soon after Terra 2.0 launched, I got a notification from Kraken that I’ve received LUNA airdrop (shouldn’t be the case) and the amount of LUNA2 I should’ve gotten in my Terra Station didn’t match my calculation…

Now I’ve moved back all my funds to the wallet as proof I wasn’t trying to game anyone but receive my fair share of airdrop.

Will someone from support please follow up my case and remedy the situation?

Thank you for your time.

the terra wallet address you specified was eligible to ~14298 luna, which is what it got.
maybe you had ust or luna on kraken at the moment of pre-attack snapshot on 7th of may?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Darn you’re right I’ve forgotten that I got part of that 26k pre-attack LUNC from Kraken…

Ok so now the question is if I got those LUNC via multiple venues i.e. FTX and Celsius, I need to look to them to make sure they account for my pre-attack LUNC?

Can you confirm here that both FTX and Celsius will support the airdrop?


ftx - for sure, it is in the list here - Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop. Terra 2.0 is nearly here. As a… | by MC | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium

have no data on celsius at the moment, chances are - they got the airdrop into their main wallet and it is up to them if they want / will distribute it to users. if you have the main deposit address of celsius you can check if they got the airdrop already by searching for this address here - Terra Finder