aUST holding or $ust holding?

i was anchor when attack happened with some aUST$ , i withdrawal it and holding like that , snap has my block , i will get %10 from aUST ? and now i will get from $ust as airdrop ? or should i mint aUST again ?
Also community lets deposit our $ust back to Anchor protocol its already 0.1 USD now , how about this idea?

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Just hold UST in your wallet for now.

after luna 2 , we should deposit back to anchor and show our power ? is it good idea?

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There is no reason to do so.

Is there an easy way to lookup what my wallet balance was at the time of pre-attack snapshot time?

How airdrops to people (like me) that deposited stablecoins such as (DAI and USDT) via Orion Money and, when withdrawn, received UST instead of the said stablecoins?

I mean the team of this MAJOR VALIDATOR is silent everywhere (Twitter, Telegram, Discord) and there is no mention how this would potentially carry out in the Terra 2.0 proposal.

Not to mention the fact that the whitepaper on Orion Money’s website specifically says withdrawals are made in the same coin deposited/staked.

But there’s simply nothing about how things will carry forward. I was there since day 1 on Orion.

Seems like a question for Orion.

So if I held aUST and had a deposit on anchor at pre-attack snapshot but I withdrew it a couple days later and sold to try to recover something will I still be eligible for airdrop with the full amount I held at time of pre-attack snapshot? Do I need to repurchase UST and hold in wallet or redeposit into anchor?

Please do check with the Orion team.

If you held aUST or UST on May 7th pre attack snapshot date, then you will be eligible for the pre attack drop.

Is there any pridiction for what 1 UST will actually get from the airdrop in terms of the new coin. I’m still in 2 minds if i jsut sell now and recove the pre attack air drop or hold out for the second one on the 27th