USTC repg?

When is the USTC repeg ? i m watching people saying it wont happen,was a scam etc …!
when the repeg will happen ?

When it’s made, done, sorted and CEXs are onboard…

It could take a fair while waiting for CEXs to reply to the open request.

but its legit ? cause people saying about scam repeg .
So its in progress by the devs and cexs ?

Its in progress. Talks are underway. Both cex and our chain need to do adjustments. Cex looking into their own infra capabilities while we need L1 touch ups.
Nobody has said yes or no as of yet.
And we live on CEX/DEX time. It takes as long as it takes for them since we are the ones asking.

So patience.

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People? What people? Randoms on the internet with no idea and FUD/S trying to get a lower entry point?

The signalling prop passed now you just have to wait for the cexs

I’d like to know that too

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Cultivating patience with progress and attentively gathering information from reliable sources is a valuable strategy. It is important to exercise caution, as it appears that these attributes may be lacking in your approach.

What people? You must be mixing with the wrong crowd.
Given only 5.75% of the community voted against the proposal, who ever it is you have been listening to is very much in the minority.

Probably Rabbi and Co or Chris Harris

Provide links if you’re gonna badmouth me.

And no, I haven’t said anything like that. I’m generally supportive of Redline’s efforts.

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If that’s the case, I take back what I said. Sorry!

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I voted Abstain. It would take you 30 seconds to check for yourself before speaking. Thor voted NO on that prop hence the 5.74% vote against.

Only way:

  1. Stop distribution.
  2. Start buyback.

Taxes is nothing.

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You voting abstain didn’t stopped you from advocating against repeg efforts in previous agora posts and Twitter. Stop trying to look nice to people.