Voting while blocking new holders is ILLEGAL *PERIOD*

Voting while preventing new holders from accessing governance vote is illegal. Especially, when you guys were the ones who chose to mint massively.

The moment you let people buy the excessive LUNA, you gave them the right to vote. Own up to the consequences of your decisions.

What difference is this with voter suppression. It’s a MASSIVE legal problem.


You’re great Kwon! Let’s go! I will follow you anywhere my genius captain! Guide us to the New Moon!!!

Where do we vote

The authorities will prosecute him. Right now they are fighting over who gets him first.


We need to start tweeting and raising awareness about all the shady stuff they’re doing right now.

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No taxation without representation!

Hi @Jason_Liang ,

Here is a list of whitelisted and not-yet-whitelisted proposals (that have been gathered so far) up for vote. I hope that helps out: