Warning to Terra Team about Fork

Just a fast and obvious warning to every team member who will vote for fork. You will get civil lawsuit from thousands of people who you gonna cheat and probably criminal charges for fraud. Just keep this in mind while voting. It`s obvious financial fraud. Why? Ask any lawyer.


I believe you’re right. They are on thin ice right now and should proceed very carefully. We will not remain in silence.


that’s right. I’m starting to believe that the leader wants to take the accomplices to the division of blame soon when he is arrested. “It was the group that wanted it like this”.


By the way, the community helped it get a huge reserve. Now the main reserve has no transaction details, only one name: it was used to save the community but it didn’t work! I don’t want to give you the rest, hope you continue to supply it with money, screw it up, the problem is you, how does it feel like the Fed: the dollar is ours, the problems and disasters are yours! Can the community tolerate such a shameless, arrogant, and extremely greedy animal? :rage:

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All it takes is to attract a large number of current luna owners to bid for the NFT, and Luna can be destroyed in a short period of time,Without incurring too much external cost

and here is my specific suggestions about a burning mechanism to LUNA,Please read it a little,thanks

The fork is clearly an attempt at financial fraud. They show absolutely no effort to fix what is broken and instead want to compete against those of us that are stuck in a broken ecosystem.


If UST holders cannot get compensated, then team going to jail is a kind of justice as well


Any refund for the pre crash people would be fraud and betrayal to the new holders.

Since you didn’t wanted to hear or realize (like dorkwon) the threat many youtubers and researchers told you month before that this kind of attack is possible.

That means you were blind toward news and didn’t care so actually it your fault what happened to you.

You guy’s slept and now you crying for refund, no refund for you because you simply lost in this game.

Therfor I will not & cant support any proposal that goes in to refunding old holder’s in any way

The most token you have the more you should be considered by the developers. The new holders are the winners here.


A fork is required, the current contracts (the algorithm pegging system is broken) to not try and fix the system and restore peoples credit would be reckless. What constructive proposal do you have?