What are you doing with your new LUNA? Staking?

Now that the airdrop happened, what are you doing with your LUNA and vested LUNA?

Are you staking? Are you selling (except vested that can’t be sold)?

Let’s change some ideas.

I sold this rubbish to the beggars for next to nothing, so as not to dishonor my portfolio and never have to deal with terra again.
I helped save a sinking ship with a 10% deposit. And I was thrown overboard with no chance of ever returning at least half of the invested funds.
It’s below my dignity to deal with someone who spit on me. let kongwon and his rats swim by himself… we are not on the way.
Too bad we can’t sell everything at once. this shit will periodically pop up again in the wallet.


I’ll donate it to Do Kwon. Greedy, selfish…


We trusted that korean but he abandoned us

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And we can’t even sell the airdrop

Man your talking so negative… your attitude make us all feel sad about you. You lost into Luna? Finde… when you talk about rubbish then do not invest into cryptocurrency because the future of it is open in general. Please be quiet and do not spread negative vibes only because thats what we all do not need with a rebirth and a restart. We all do our best to compensate the mistake of a failed project. I can understand everyone who lost trust but crying all day long isnt solving anything.


Staking. I redelegated to Lunc dao validator that is using staking fees to burn lunc on classic


A melhor coisa era a queima deixou baleias presas muito a cima!! Eles vão manipular até acabar com a V2 eu estou preso com todo meu captal em 10 doll 23000 lunas que sao lunc agora!!! A Luna v2 esta a derreter!! Se tivéssemos feito um planejamento de recuperação pra lunc com nfts algumas coisas mais ao longo praso teria sido mais bonito!!

If I’m not clear, I’ll clarify…
Those who tried to support the system during the collapse were equated with those who bought tens, hundreds and thousands of times cheaper at the very bottom after the blockchain was restarted (moreover, those who bought at the bottom, unlike those who saved the sinking ship, earned colossal X’s the next day ).
I was ready to lose everything that I spent on it for my faith in the company (although for me this is a very large amount. But deep down I believed both before and after the stop. At least in human justice).
But I was not ready to be pissed on me for this.
That’s why this company is rubbish. I knew that this world was rotten to the third bottom. But I always try to find good people and justice in it … and again I don’t find it.


Please check and share proposal # 7 ( Old Luna Solution (LUNC) - Community Help) under deposit tab at governance on Terra Station.
Need support from LUNAtics.

Only hold😀
Let the hamsters sell everything … And we will be smarter…

Selling, of course. More than 0.1 price is expensive for new Luna

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I’m holding it too, not gonna sell right away.

Just wondering if to stake it, and where, to earn some rewards.

I sold 1/4th of them to buy some lunac. Rest I am holding and considering staking. I will research more.


Pardon my question, and it’s not an ironic one, why buy LUNAC? Still some chance of coming back to it’s value?

Also what about USTC? I still have mine on Anchor Protocol

Of course! There are so many existing projects on lunac, or at the very least it will act like a meme coin. Plus after the initial turbulence of the airdrop settles, it should have a higher market cap like it did before airdrop. Plus the entire crypto market is bearish. Once it starts going buish, i am guessing lunac will go bullish to.

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I sold my Luna 2.0 and bought classic Luna.


how to?

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me/us

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Stake what’s liquid now, and sell half of any staking rewards each month (and restake the rest). Keep doing that until everything is vested, then consider what to do next.

Basically only peek at the project the next two years, and see what happens. Other than that go out and live life…

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