What is "the final moment of the chain halt"?

Kwon proposes to give 10% of the fork to “Luna holders at the final moment of the chain halt” because “last minute marginal luna buyers should be compensated for their role in attempting to provide stability for the network”

Does “chain halt” refer to:

A) the halt at block 7607789 that disabled on-chain swaps and IBC channels;
B) the halt at block 7603700 to disable delegations;
C) the last block on the original chain, at the moment the chain is “officially” forked?

Given the stated rationale, I could understand A but not B or C, as block 7607789 is the final moment at which Luna buyers had a role in providing stability for the network.

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Yes 7607789 was last block where they officially announced.

I don’t quite follow, are you saying they confirmed this somewhere?


That now means nothing, chain is running… the law suits if they peg back will be huge, people are buying and selling and moving coins. CEXs are running.

i’ll also repeat a post here regarding them wanting to do a FORK…

People at the top are wishing a FORK, only means that the business model was wrong to start with. The whole reason more coins are available is because that was the business model that everyone bought into when they got into LUNA/UST.

Now that it has gone wrong… everyone is crying? wtf that was the
business model, now deal with it ‘leadership’, what was the strategy for a depegging or a bank run, this must have been discussed - oh wait it was - it was to print more LUNA, so we are here today.

Now devise a burn and buy back process or say goodbye to everything, the fact that no communication outside of the ‘clique’ has been given or the fact that proposals apart from the ‘leadership’, have been discussed says everything about the leadership here. Farce!!! Decentralised my arse!!!

In general, everyone who bought the last watch believed and kept it.
And those who fled from the sinking ship are to blame.

not blame imo, as they did a bank run - don’t blame them but don’t cry after your actions as you knew the business model when getting in, if they didn’t then FOMO needs to be taken to court

That now means nothing, chain is running… the law suits if they peg back will be huge, people are buying and selling and moving coins. CEXs are running.

If someone is able to win a lawsuit against a PoS network for voting to do something they don’t like, surely that’s game over for current & future PoS projects operating out of that jurisdiction.

those who getting in now with the FOMO on an active ledger with CEX buy/sell/exchange capability as it is all active will be the ones taking them to court and there are more now that ever got in at the start of LUNA/UST - the publicity has been huge.

The truth of the silence of the team

They are waiting for more speculators to buy luna so they can steal their money and somehow reward themselves with it , it is obviously what’s going on Luna volume is not from retail traders it is from the team trying to prey on speculators to raise funds and screw the people buying it now

The leadership has shown not be trusted simply due to the nature of their communication (none), capability to listen and discuss with the community (none) and the transparency of what is happening (none).

History will dictate the future…

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