Where is the justice of the community?

I want to hear from people and the community, asking for support. I don’t want to get frustrated with this kind of decentralization and believe in the power of community.

Do Kwon made a statement and thanks to people like me and others about how they helped save this fall by buying the Luna token. I bought for $500 to me that’s worth a lot of money, I know stories and worse. I’m from a poor country called Ukraine. But that’s not the point. They thanked me and gave me 0.05 new Luna coin. Thank you for such gratitude (that’s sarcasm)

How can you do such an irresponsible distribution, and people who speculated on this and traded after the markets opened got even more at no risk. Support my message to be heard from the management and be ashamed


I lost 5000 $ (bought at 0.04), so far I got nothing.


That’s what I mean, let’s raise the activity, I tried, but no one saw my posts. It shouldn’t be like this.

  • 100M (10%) to Luna holders at the final moment of the chain halt – last minute marginal luna buyers should be compensated for their role in attempting to provide stability for the network

Do Kwon’s words that he forgot …


I had $200K Luna/StLuna in LPs at the start of the depeg.
I had $50K UST at the start of the depeg, this was allocated nothing.
I bought some more luna on the way down.
I get railed in the ass because for 12K UST and 700K Luna, and my pre-depeg snapshot I receive a royal total of 390 Luna in refunds which will be worth $1K by tomorrow.

TFL’s irresponsibility knows no bounds.


luna buyers after depegg should organize …re enable voting and focus on luna classic to get their investment back since they got nothing from the new luna chain.

They basicly took your money/liquidity and gave it to the losers who lost everything and even in big parts gave free new luna to people who sold luna/ust at a good price.




Forget about new Luna, you can’t get your money back in new Luna. Instead, support community’s Luna classic revival proposals, that’s how you can be compensated


Do kwon cheated those final moment chain halt supporters…we should unite people to fight against him


here I am about it that we need to be heard


Do kwon threw all the people who trusted him halfway into the sea, and then regarded them as gamblers or fools. So many people were talking, but he didn’t seem to see


I lost 330k$. I bought coins for $33 on May 10th. I didn’t receive anything. I lost everything. I am also from poor Ukraine.


Це дуже прикро :frowning:


i Lost all my crypto money .
i bought on 11 May at 8.96


Gather those invested before final Chain halt so we can bring down do kwon in social Media …we can gather people together in telegram & whatsapp group…will fight until we get our money back


I’m sure there are already groups of people like us who have been affected by the wrong policies of Do Kwon. We need to tell everyone about our problem as much as possible. our story may be of interest to the media. I suggest to start creating a group in telegram.


You bought some coins, hoping they would be worth more later. Same as for anyone else who had ever bought LUNA. I understand you gambled, and so far have lost: but that’s a choice you made.

Thankfully, although you dug the hole you’re in, you can get yourself out of it. Are you going to HODL and stake until all your LUNA has vested, or are you going to swap to another coin? A lot of people are in the same boat, and are looking for things they can do, and would love to hear your ideas! They’re tired of generic posts crying to the universe :wink:

Good luck!

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But what about those people who, after the May 7 snapshot, sold their LUNA and UST and received compensation? didn’t think about it? they won twice. Is it our fault that DO KWON decided to issue 6 trillion more coins? Or are we to blame for the fact that he stole 80,000 BTC? Think about it…

How could you have known that the supply would increase this much?

This is from whitepaper.

LUNA has a dynamic supply of 1 billion coins. Exceeding that number will prompt the protocol to burn LUNA tokens automatically.

They didn’t stop at 1 billion.

this is absolutely not fair.


Some who gambled on LUNA did well, others did not. That’s gambling for you. Didn’t think about that?

Do Kwon didn’t issue anything: the same automated system that was built into LUNA/UST since launch started to mint coins like it was supposed to. Mint/burn is in the whitepaper, and is the core feature of an algorithmic stablecoin.

Does Do have 80,000 BTC now? Or was there an account of how the coins were spent slowing the depeg, verified by many in the community? Spending that Bitcoin allowed the community to get out at higher prices than the rest of the market was offering: it funded a ton of sell orders made by people like you and me. Think about it…

I understand you’re disappointed: alot of use degens are - we all wanted moon lambos :slight_smile: . But lying to others in the forum doesn’t help anyone.