When can we sell the new token (LUNA)?

Hi, i’ve received the partial airdrop (30% i think) on my terra station wallet.
But i don’t understand when we can sell the new Luna.
Someone says 2 years (that’s the time to receive the full airdrop), other says 15 days and other 21 days.
So, are they locked and will be available in some weeks or is there something that i have to do?

seems bybit is listing but can’t deposit.

Was anyone able to make money on the price spread between BYBIT exchange and other exchanges like kucoin? when i got my airdrop, i was bybit had luna close to 20 bucks. all the other exchanges were close to 6 dollars. I didn’t move quickly enough; bybit also isn’t supported in USA, so kind of dicey to quickly download a VPN to make it work. Anyone able to make money of a quick flip here?

Ok we can send our airdropped luna to other exchanges, no lock. I’ve tried with just 0.5 and i sent them to my Kucoin account. Everything worked.
But now 1 Luna is about 5/6$.
I hope that in future the price will grow up. Infact i’ll hold this new Luna token.