Our situation and my thoughts

first Im sorry for my bad eng because Im not eng user , really hard for me to write this post .

1/ I dont know why we are in this situation right now if we di-e , we di-e 3 days ago when luna reach the bottom 0.0000012 , this time I wonder I lost all my invest but I saw a hope , luna got strong community support and well I hear lfg got some reverse so I think we are easy comeback with a plan , ceo dev team and community plan and 4 days pass after this crisis our pj divine in 2 group dev team go with thier proposal and ignore community with any communicate also explain why we need fork and why burn is useless , the community tried to help project with burn plan and also we stuck here because no leader also no dev team cover , if both can work together and more communicate we are not in this situation right now , ít not that bad , luna is not a meme coin even shib and doge can live strong why luna cant even not burn luna supply still cant compare to shib , burn just increase our price and more value also help ust back peg , the problem of our curent chain is debt of ust holders , we need to help all holders old new of ust and luna , all suffer , this is market you cant compare who buy att 100$ and buy at 0.000005 , if no one buy the dip catch the knive luna di-ed already , just like ppl buy btc 60k and now 30k , you cant ask a fair price in market , old investor and new investor the same .

2/ I jump in this hold luna 6 days ago when try to buy the dip when luna 30$ and ust 0.8 , I dcaing until now luna 0.0005 and ust 0.06 , my 200k $ now 5000$ Im in with group we give the hope to token we buy , I know a lot of my friend dcaing until now , they are not new investors , the fork airdrop cant fair for everyone thats why I again fork , with burn maybe we can got 50% or equa if fork we lost all invest even old or new like you cut loss , 1bill supply for all luna ust holder you got how much token and whats price of v2? Im not sure when v2 can list on bìg cex like binance , bybit … , it take time and a lot of money also trust , right now if dev team fork v2 just like new coin and need to relist but most ppl dont trust you , old investors scared already because your left them behind , new investors again you also dont forgot new token most locked 2 years , 2 y really long who know whathappend ? I cant calcu v2 myself but with 6500bill total supply now most ppl just got airdrop few tokens , not enoght a breatfask .

3/ Right now we need to fix this mes but how , if the chain active again luna will
mint more because ust now not peg to 1 usd so we need an update code , separate ust and luna let the market decide thier tradinh price with bitcoin up down , we make a plan for every token , luna need reduce supply via many burn plan , ust too reduce supply and both will use busd for stable coin or peg .

4/ I read proposal of @FatMan , I agree with him ust design for 1 usd peg so thats is the debt of chain we cant forget , the solution right now is community burn , lfg own 1bill8 like 11% supply that will help ust price increase a bit . I read @HelloThere about burn méchanis I agree with his proposal we need this for reduce supply bit by bit for restore hope from ppl also increase a bit price of luna , too many ppl ask buy and burn but we dont have money , lfg can buy over 10% supply and burn first , burn via tax fees and you can ask community burn with incentive something ( we can make a bonus coin for who burn thỉe Luna coin ) , just over 20 wallet got over few tri luna , the exploter wallet , we can temporary free thêm and force them swap for bonus coin this plan need more ideal im not sure we can do . I read @Nikola-HydraChain and @Callisto_network proposals , luna cant rename with a fork íta a new coin , and if like Dexaran said you cant forget the pass , txs still here so we again the fork and should rebuild it also we need transparency of the lfg about reserve 2.5bill usd .

5/ If fork pass luna c remain , I dont know who can lead lunac we need leader and dev team , also I want to ask who can implement burn system now if you can just do ít everyday pass we got less transaction because of trust , luna need relist on dex and cex dont know when , lunac not sure if it remain on exchange , I saw some notive de list from coinbase bittrex already , we dont have much time for play , do or di-e , if ceo and dev go with v2 we need some one lead v1 and do all proposal now .

6/ q4hous posting too hard for communicate also no one in dev team reply us , we are separate now , I hope @AtoZ can open for more chat or delay to 5-10min 4h too far and well now we dont have time for play .


Why did Do Keon shut down terra Luna labs Korea days before the crash and liquidate it all?