Why no votes on #1861 Tax+Burn?

We’re proposing a TAX & BURN mechanism to be added to the current LUNA.

3% TAX on all transactions of which the breakdown is 2% Burnt + 1% stored in treasury to hold as collateral for UST.

In addition to this we propose removing the link between UST and current LUNA + Remove minting ability on current LUNA.

The above proposal will ensure original LUNA can reduce its supply efficiently and help bring back UST in a collateralized form backed 1-1 with LUNA

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Taxes won’t work while there are vultures and cockroaches holding millions and billions of Luna.
Plus you can’t tax CEX.

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Going some way towards an end goal, is perhaps better than not moving at all.

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as Do Kwon said in Twitter response to burn proposal: If u set the tax cap to 0.1 it limits the total tax paid in any txn to 0.1 sdr (14 cents) Also you need to formulate a paramchangeproposal not a textproposal