Why not consolidate LUNC 1 for 10 across entire supply

Why not set a time and date for a consolidation of LUNC instead of burning ?

If LUNC can be consolidated 1 for 10 then

6.9 Trillion LUNC becomes 690 Billion LUNC in an instant.

In essence everyone would find 1 tenth of the LUNC holdings and therefor would be 10 times more valuable based on maintaining the same MC (Market Cap) at the time and not allowing for market response to instant limited supply upside pressure that would likely see further MC performance.

Does the Blockchain have the ability to halt all transactions on and off chain for a limited time, to allow a peek into all wallets and exchanges, calculate and execute a reduction across all accounts turning 10 existing LUNC into 1 consolidated LUNC.

Not a code write and unsure of the limitations and restraints of code and chain functionality.

Burn tax can still be implemented to slowly reduce 690 Billion down to 10 Billion LUNC.

Interested to know from actual far more experienced people in the community who perhaps can precisely explain why it cant be done and why its not being done already, or what kind and level of resources would be required to be achievable.

Just dont see anyone thinking along this line and weird how requests for comments are left unanswered.

Perhaps everyone too focused on the burn initiative or there is unknown valid reason a consolidation can not be done ??

Always seeking to be educated even after 20 years investing in ASX companies.


In traditional finance what you propose is a reverse stock split. From a technical level a 2 to 1 reverse stock split works because the stock issuing company can buy-back half of the stocks and therefore double the price on the market. In the case of LUNC this doesn’t work out because there is no entity that is willing to buy back the coins and burn them.

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Companies here in Australia undertake share register consolidations all the time to reduce the total shares and without payments to any shareholders and they retain their market cap and shares are simply revalued accordingly.

Instead of a company having 1 Billion shares @ $0.10c provides a Market Cap of $100M
After consolidation for very 10 shares held it becomes 1 that with the same $100M MC is now worth $1 per share as an example.

$100M MC with 1 Billion shares = $0.10c per share
$100M MC with 100M shares = $1 per share
MC still remains the same.

The 90% is removed with consolidation that for LUNC is removing it via instant burning.

Just a revalued share or in this case a revalued LUNC from the reduced supply of LUNC that would burn off instantly by 90% and only leave 10% of the 6.9Trillion supply of LUNC.

6.9 Trillion therefore can be turned into 690 Billion - based on for every 10 you hold it now becomes 1.

At a later date another 10 for 1 can be done again within 6-12 months.
690 Billion therefore can be turned into 69 Billion - based on for every 10 you hold becomes 1.

At a later date another 10 for 1 can be done again within another 6-12 months
69 Billion therefore can be turned into 6.9 Billion - based on for every 10 you hold becomes 1.


If the code and technical side with the devs can do this on and off the blockchain it would be far more simple and faster pathway to dramatically reduce the supply.

Can the devs actually do this ?
Is there some underlying issue that prevents this ?
What resources if any would be required by the devs to implement ?

Devs are welcome to message me direct.


No. Why? Simply - because it’s bad idea. It changes nothing. The purpose of burn is to increase value by reducing supply. Consolidation is just a trick that cheats investors. It does not affect true value.



It cuts down the supply instantly and if the MC remains the same the LUNC is by default valued 10 times more after consolidation.

What do you think the LUNC MC would do if it was suddenly reduced to 690 Billion ?

Clearly it is going to rise significantly with such a massive reduction in circulating supply.

Read the thread again and understand what it does and tell me again “it does not affect true value”.

It doesnt cheat investors, it reduces the massive supply by 90% in an instance instead of taking 2-5 plus years. No one gains an advantage and no one is disadvantaged. Its quick and decisive and resets the supply. Can be done multiple times steadily until 10 Billion supply is reached. Much more doable if it can be done on the blockchain and on the exchanges.

Looking for constructive dialogue not poorly expressed views without foundation or substance.

I have seen these consolidations work successfully for public listed companies in my 25 plus years of investing and IMO this is most definitely what LUNC should be doing.

Dude it’s basic math.
If You have 10 small stones worth 10$ and replace them with 1 stone also worth 10$, than it’s the same. You do not take any advantage of it. You decrase supply but in the same time increase value of singular stone after consolidation, not before.The only real benefit is to destroy stones to make them more rare, thus increasing their value.
And yes, it’s a cheat for ppl that do not know where of value come from. I saw many stocks that after consolidation where dropping, than another consolidation and still dropping. No, no, no.

Your tripping over your own maths by not being precise as the value of your 10 stones. (is actually $1 each - not $10 each.) When you have 1 stone after CONSOLIDATION then its worth $10.

Your 10 small stones worth $10 (MC) = $1 per stone
Consolidate it to 1 stone and that stone is now worth $10 per stone = $10 (MC)
The Market Cap has the same value - but NOT the share/coin/stone
Hope that helps.

You need to focus on the MC (Market Cap)

If your MC is $100 - and you have 100 shares/coins - then each share/coin is worth $1 each

$100 MC divide by 100 shares/coins = $1 each
$1 each x 100 shares/coins = $100 MC

After a 1 for 10 held consolidation. (9 gets burned instantly)
With the MC at $100 - you now have 10 shares/coins (90 burned) - then each share/coin is now worth $10 each.

$100 MC divide by 10 shares/coins = $10 each
$10 each x 10 shares/coins = $100 MC

MC will go higher as there would be a much smaller supply of shares/coins circulating and would continue to rise as more supply is reduced with burns and perhaps another consolidation at a later date. It works and will be very effective in burning off significant supply instantly.

Still by far the Quickest method to burn off supply IMO.

Dude, buy magnifying glasses :slight_smile:
First of all - where did I wrote that 10 stones are woth 10$ each?
Second of all - burning gives rise to a real increase in value because we really remove the commodity from the market, not just bundle it into larger packages.

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Clearly you simply dont get it and understand your own post.

Read your own post

You inferred you have 10 stones worth $10 (You didnt say each) therefore each stone is worth $1 each.
If you said EACH (this is why precise language is needed at all times) then the Market Cap is therefore $100 (10 stones x $10 )

If you still consolidate 1 for every 10 the MC is still $100 which means the 1 stone is now worth $100.

It goes up in VALUE because the 90% supply is BURNED off. pretty simple to understand

Perhaps go and do some research on Company consolidations and why listed companies use them as a corporate mechanism. Educating oneself is always a good thing.


I give up. Reading comprehension is a skill acquired in primary school.

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One should never give up.

You clearly have not had the level of exposure and experience that I have accumulated in the past 25 years from investing in companies. (Retired at 47)

Do some research on Company consolidations and understand why stock exchange listed companies use them as a corporate mechanism.

Educating oneself is always a good thing, ignorance is harmful in the stock markets.

You can put a proposal to a vote

YES, working on it right now as very disappointed with Binance CZ after hearing what was said in the latest AMA .

Proposal incoming within the hour : )

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I have to give @DadRulesOK right, because although you’re right @premiero, the truth is that he never talked about using this measure in isolation. It is in the global to have a small stone fired or a burn worth 1 dollar or a large stone worth 100, mathematically it will make a difference yes, because the firing applied after consolidation will be much more expressive

Binance have heavy lunc hold cz dont want to lose this lunc coin and use lunc take traders money ,i think
And last waiting to justice for terra lawsuits results. future uncertain

And cz start to battle ,maybe we move lunc to binance and support this :partying_face:

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