Withdrew from xAnchor, did not receive aUST or UST

Tried to withdraw from xAnchor, did not receive aUST or UST back on my wallet. Now the funds are also not shown in xAnchor. Anybody has any solution on the missing funds?

It shows that the aUST went from wormhole back to null address and ends there. My tx was 3 days ago and I still dont receive anything.

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The validators halted the bridge. It’s useless trying.

Hi everyone,

Please share your transaction hashes here from Snowtrace and we will do our best to assist you.

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this tx should be before the validators halted the bridge though. If the tx was unsuccessful not sure why it was not reverted and return the funds back to xAnchor.

Hi mc_ust, snowtrace is in the main post. Thanks.

Go to Portal Token Bridge, select Avalanche source chain, connect your Avalanche wallet and enter in the Avalanche txn (0xc54b9ed25cad9cbb0d42bf6a63e749cfcf1ac7eb726ec7bf64fdcb3cc397b444). Then hit Recover. This will take you to the Token tab.

You need a Terra wallet address from which to pay a fee (in Luna or UST, I would suggest Luna since it’s basically worthless right now). If you don’t have one, create one on Terra station and then use bridge.terra.money to transfer some Luna or UST from Avalanche into the Terra wallet.

This should release the tokens from the bridge to the Terra smart contract, which will eventually transfer UST back to your Avalanche wallet. I know this works because I was in your same exact situation a few days ago. You may have to wait anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours depending on the Wormhole backlog currently.

Good luck!

Hi hallmarc, thanks for the instructions!

I tried the steps you mentioned but in terra finder there is only an “in amount” and not “out amount”, any idea why?

smart contract:


I’m not sure of the exact mechanics but that is what I saw with my transaction. Eventually the contract delivers the UST back to the bridge. It might still be awhile. You might try the Wormhole discord if it goes past 48 hours. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can make it go faster. May I ask what you plan to do? If my reading of the latest renewal proposal is correct, we have to have UST on the Terra Chain at time of launch on May 27 in order to receive a LUNA v2 airdrop, which seems insane to me since new buyers can pick up UST right now for pennies on the dollar.

Thanks for the reply, I will continue to wait and hope something comes back into my wallet. Just to confirm, will it be back in my metamask avax wallet, the terra station wallet (that I used to pay the bridge fees), or will it go back to xAnchor?

To be honest not sure what I should do, but the new proposal seems to be using the pre-attack snapshot for aUST (10% of new Luna). The one for May 27 is for post-attack snapshot where new buyers have large amounts sharing 25% of new Luna. It should be possible to get compensated with the pre-attack snapshot + selling the current UST we hold at current prices I think.

It should go back to your Avax wallet. I think you’re right about the pre attack snapshot but I don’t think that will include aUST holders on Anchor Avalanche because the aUST was technically held in our Avax wallet, not on the Terra chain. Unless I’m misunderstanding something, I think a whole bunch of non-Terra, non CEX hodlers are just gonna get screwed. We need clarity but as usual we’re getting nothing but grand plans from this crew.

Unfortunately still did not receive after a full day. @mc_ust is there any official support that can help look into my case?

You could try the Wormhole support on Discord but I’m not sure they can help that much. I’m sorry this is so damn frustrating.

Hi any official staff from Terra who can help here? Spoke to the Wormhole support, they told me that the token is redeem into the xAnchor smart contract wormhole brige and since this is executed under Anchor dapp I can only contact Terra for it.

@hallmarc, thank you very much for your help! Just want to update that I got my UST back in my wallet today. Not sure if it was due to the bridge processing it late.