5000000 Terra Hacked

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As of today all 5000000 terra luna classic I was holding on Terra station has been taken I have transaction history of every withdrawal I am at a loss of what I can do to resolve this issue and about to just give up and take the hit witch I really can’t afford but I have no where else to turn to I have sent out emails to terra station as well as validates and with no response

Dear Dilligaf, have you found the answer already?

@alagiz @mc_ust
Ive logged on on terraswvp .web .app as mentioned in proposal 5290… And now I my coins are getting undelegated and are getting send to an adress I dont know. Is there a way to cancel the transaction? Or: what should I do?

hey, that is a scam proposal and a scam website, if you entered your seed phrase there - your wallet is compromised. don’t ever use that wallet again and be very careful with where you enter you seed phrase.
contact @cosmosrescue in telegram for possible help with the undelegating assets

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my account was undelegated without my consent and now I no longer have my coins, I opened a new wallet tried to delegate and undelegate the coins I end up in another wallet anyway. who can help?
tx hash
scam wallet terra1tygms3xhhs3yv487phx3dw4a95jn7t7l8l07dr

if your funds were undelegated not by you - your wallet has been compromised (you entered seed phrase on a scam website. or scam terra station popup).
treat this wallet as compromised.
you need to be faster than scammers in withdrawing lunc to your new wallet once it undelegates.

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Thank you! Cosmos Rescue helped me, got all my coins back.

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