I lost my luna

I do stacking from my wallet terra15xh606q3qmc4g222ghc4xga9syc6xkkad0c7nl and my luna gone and when i go to take rewards he said u haven’t spend eny luna and my lunas transfer to this wallet terra1ekzskudsqy5zrfhckjskxzd4tajp4x2ml70lz2 i think terra station platform get scammed

I don’t know who you have been talking to but was obviously a scammer. Never type your seed phrase into any website.

Before i have 146k luna i do stacking and say i dont use eny stack

it is not clear what you are saying but if you gave anybody your seed phrase (you said - “when i go to take rewards he said”, that doesn’t sounds legit at all) - you got scammed.

I dont know how happen that but my 146k luna from terra station transfer here terra1ekzskudsqy5zrfhckjskxzd4tajp4x2ml70lz2

Look how much luna stolen and terra station its secured rly? I want my 146k luna back

You have been scammed by a random dude. End of the discussion.