Allow the fork, then sell it and buy LUNA Classic

Buy up the floating shares of Luna 1.0 with shares of Luna 2.0, which will drive up the price and demand for the one and only true Luna. This is the closest we can get to the burn that we all want.

Do Kwon’s ineptitude and incapability to use common sense and listen to the community. Or just plain greed, since he and his friends have the most to gain from this fork. We can’t allow them to get away with this.

When you get airdropped your Luna 2.0 tokens, immediately sell them and buy Luna Classic. We must show the world that there can only be one, and that is the one that we all are trying to resuscitate. Boycott any developer or dApp that solely utilizes Luna 2.0 and when they see that no one is left, they will move back to 1.0


Bullsshit the tokens have vesting period up to 2 years… team will dumppp on you… say NO to fork lets BURN


This is pure shit, statistically all forks turned out to be garbage. Nobody wants a copy of a Lamborghini, everyone wants the original.

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It’s so funny that the new holders who literally saving the coin from going to it’s grave are being scammed here without there knowledge, the whole new holders will get a 10% of 1b coin which equals to 100M coin, that’s for the holders after the attack which maybe have like billions of coins now so the ratio will be

1 new coin:thousands if not millions of terra classic

so your millions will end to be like hundreds or something. they don’t give a look to the votes or the community, he just commited his plan and will go thought it to end the coin and the ecosystem


I really hope someone from the team can help me in some way as Im at the point of depsair. Lost my life savings down from $100k+ to $4,700 with LUNA and ANC. Have a debt of $45,000, and a monthly income of $290 (In Sri Lanka). Wrote an article about my situation. If anyone can spare a few minutes to read, share, and provide some hope in any way please please reach out to me at @etchpea on Twitter, I will send you the link.

I bought LUNA post crash @0.00005$ on BSC wormhole. How do I get the new coin? Do i get to keep my classic or will I be forced to choose? And how much do i get?