Terra Classic Foundation

It seems that Do kwon’s proposal is going to happen, we have to prepare and have our own place to continue developing terra classic and implement the burn tax

I propose to create the terra classic foundation and not let the original version disappear


You mean burn so vultures like you can get lots of money ? No :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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No, fork so can start all over again. The horse is very lame to revive. Need a new horse to go on the journey afresh and to the end goals.

Why don’t you buy now and burn and make lots of money? Or are you acting sanctimonious like you aren’t here for money?


cause his the type that dont want others to make money, like its gonna affect him in anyway…


Dude are you really that stupid? Noone will get big money by burning. Lmao only many many people invested small amounts like a few hubdreds at its bottom, that are now worth maybe 1,5-2k$. The people who had nuts and invested alot went out last days into other alt coins. People who are still here in this are believers of this project and do not own hundred millions of Luna. I hate people like you who think that burning will make many people millionaires here. You are quite stupid if you think that with 6.5T supply yet. Maybe some of the “pre” crash holders like me that also invested at its bottom will have the chance to get their money BACK… my godness are you silly or sth.


We can divide our LUNA by the number of coins at the time of each of our purchases. That way 1000 LUNA bought with 100M LUNA in circulation equal 1M luna with 100B in circulation. That should make us all equal. In any case, burning seems necessary.


Negotiations so that it continues to exist. Luna classic has a lot of potential.
Ignore the haters of new investors.
They call them “interested” “fallen tree gamblers” isn’t trading part of this? Aren’t we all investors by putting money into a project?
Hypocrite people.
If terra only cares about V2,. We’ll have to find another place.


Even if you fork the existing chain needs management, and if Do isn’t gonna do it then someone else has to step up

It would be wise to start a transaction burn immediately because as soon as snap shot is done many are gonna look to exit cos the majority aren’t going to want LunaShitA or LunaFuckedC

The Luna fork has no value… it value is only be based on the value it’s trying to absorb from the OG Luna. So that gonna be value of the Luna billionaires, and they aren’t getting value from the fork. It’s not there fault the network failed, if they weren’t there it would have just fell harder

So if for the fork to maximise it’s value the burn still needs to happen to stop value being lost or the only people abstracting any value from this are gonna be those who sell the billions of Luna and crash the price another 99%

Don’t blame the new buyers. It was the huge amount of Luna on the market that did this.
Check this:
JUST IN: Pantera Capital has confirmed that they sold 80% of their $LUNA investment ($170 million) before the crash (I copied this from watcher guru)
Management TFL is to blame … I wonder who are the owners of the UST they purchased with the BTC?

Sharing my thoughts on this as I think it’s important:


Thanks i hope we can save the original chain !

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This type of thinking / attitude MUST to stop.

When the fork happens and the final compensation is paid out from the remaining foundation funds then all LUNA Classic members ARE EQUAL!

If you want a chance to increase the value of your LUNA, and try to recover a bit of your lost funds you’re going need new buyers.

If the LUNA Classic community continues this constant fighting nobody stands a chance of getting anything.

We need new money to come into the LUNA Classic ecosystem… This will not happen if we weigh down newcomers by trying to use their money to compensate the pre crash buyers.

LUNA 2.0 is a new coin, but in a way, LUNA Classic is also a new coin, now that UST has gone. We’re starting from pretty much zero.

why you need a foundation when no money is being hold ?
Luna Classic will be pur community driven