My UST was in anchor deposit. What will happen to those if prop is passed?

I deposited 2000 UST to anchor deposit 2 months ago. On 10th May I moved it to polychain via wormhole them moved it back to terra wallet. Now what will happen to my UST? Will I get any airdrop in new terra chain if it’s passed? or my money is lost?


I’m wondering about this too. I thought one of the original drafts of this plan talked about making UST holders whole again. But this doesn’t specify.

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You should be part of the “pre-attack” aUST holders. aUST is UST that was in Anchor. If you still have the UST on the Terra chain, that will also be part of the allocation for current UST holders at new chain launch.


So we will get more new LUNA rather than our UST’s value? Or will the LUNA’s value be equal to our UST’s original value?

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Yo tenía ust que pasa los pierdo? Tenía 10000 cuánto recupero ? La totalidad o solo una parte ? Conviene retirar los ust que tengo aunque esté por debajo del valor de compra ?

I don’t think anyone knows since the market will decide how much new LUNA is worth once it starts trading. It depends on whether people sell new LUNA as soon as they get it to get some stable money back, which will drive the price down, or people try to buy it up to get in early on the new LUNA chain which would help it rise.

Therefore, it is unknown how Classic Luna will perform in the market after May 27th. Maybe it"ll be dumped heavily as ****coin with thousands of zeros in front of it, or maybe it"ll recover to at least 0.01$. Same with UST :man_shrugging:

Could you provide me with some advice as to what I should do with my Anchor account which I had invested over $102,000 USD of my retirement fund. Do I have to keep it there in order to receive some sort of compensation or can I withdraw and try to sell on my Gemini exchange at a horrific loss but still receive some compensation. Also, will UST be obsolete on May 27, 2022? I’d appreciate any feedback you can provide since I am a newbie to crypto. This has been a difficult lesson.

No podemos perder 12 mil millones de dólares y para que se puede recuperar algo debemos volver a invertir eso no me suena…

you better sell ASAP.

I just some guy reading the forum with no special knowledge, but as I understand the prop you should get some new LUNA regardless of whether you withdraw based on the May 7 snapshot. 15% will be available and the rest has a vesting period. If you leave your UST in Anchor you will get more new LUNA with the same vesting period, or if you’d rather get what you can now and not have more new LUNA or a vesting period you should withdraw and sell for what you can. Last estimate I saw where someone tried to calculate the number of new LUNA you’d get is 0.02581 per UST in Anchor pre-attack and 0.018182 per UST on-chain on May 27th, assuming a supply of 1 billion new LUNA. (Not my calculation though, so take it with a grain of salt.) So you’d get 2633 regardless and another 1854 if you leave your deposit. Of course, the value of that depends on the value of the chain. If we assume 5 billion market cap at launch, then that’d be $5 per new LUNA. If that’s true then the value of 1 UST is around 0.18 USD, but of course with 2 years of vesting. But a market cap of 2 billion would be closer to current MC of LUNA and UST, so in that case value of 1 UST is only 0.075 USD, which is about what UST is trading for right now. Your guess is as good as mine what the actual value will be post launch and what the better decision is.

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Thank you Pyramoose for your detailed calculations and explanations! I will use this to help me decide myn next step. You are most appreciated!

I invested 73,000 UST in the Anchor Protocol before the attack.
Can I expect to receive compensation?
How much could the compensation be?
Should I leave the UST on Anchor or move it to the terra station wallet?
I ask for your advice
thank you


I would suggest you to move it to terra wallet.

Hi, I can´t move my LUNA and UST from Binance to my terra wallet. Will I get the airdrop?

I also can´t move my UST from Anchor to Terra Wallet… Will I get the airdrop?
Anchor is failing to broadcast transaction.

Thank You.

Los UST no los perderás, mantenlos en la billetera de Terra para que puedas obtener LUNA del airdrop del 27/05. Al tener LUNA en el % que toca (dependiendo si tus UST los obtuviste antes o después del ataque) de alguna manera recuperas una parte por el valor que tendrán las nuevas LUNAs. De todas maneras los UST seguirán en la antigua chain de Terra, y se podrá hacer trading, sin embargo me temo que su valor no llegará a 1 en el corto plazo…

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Me gustaría saber que puedo hacer con mis ust ? Ya puedo retirarlos de Terra station? Y los lunas los puedo retirar TMB ?