Better understanding of the proposal for everybody

New proposal has been released. I presume for professionals its easy to understand but for some people it can be quite challenging.

Every member of the community should be able to calculate its own amount of the new Tokens. Only then the next vote will be 100% true.

TO PROFESSIONALS: Can you provide some calculation method or real examples? For example:

a) I bought 1000 Luna tokens on 21st of December 2021. how many new tokens do I get?
b) I bought 1000 Luna tokens on 10th of May 2022. how many new tokens do I get?
c) I bought 1mil Luna tokens on 21st of Decemeber 2021. how many new tokens do I get?
d) I bought 1mil Luna tokens on 10th of May 2022. how many new tokens do I get?

Help the transparency


ok, there will be two snapshot: preattack(7 may,we call it PA) and one at the launch of the new luna(27may- we call it L).
There will be 1B new luna, 30% reserved and immediatly ready for governance and developers, then 35+10+25% for us investors, not all immediatly ready.
general formula is (1B* %reserved for your category/ total supply)*your tokens.

so example A: you bought lunas in theese days, between P ad L day(7-27 May), for peole like you is reserved the 10% of the 1B new lunas calculated on the 6.5T supply(or whatewer it will be on 27 may)
you have:
(*0.10)/6.500.000.000.000= 0,0001538 this is the conversion between old and new luna.
put the case you bough just now 100$ of luna you have 526.315 luna and they will be 7.5 new lunas 0.75 immediatly and the rest little by little over the next 2 years.

case B if you had luna before PA the total supply was 343M and the % of new coins reserved for you is 35%, so
if you bought the same 100$ of lunas on 5 May at about 70$ they are 1.42 lunas that will translate 1:1 to the new luna BUT they are blocked for one year then sent to you little by little over two years thereafter(4 if you where a whale with more than a million luna)

probably at the start the new luna will worth much less than the PA old luna lets say 1$ so basically Do Kwon plan a fresh start giving old investors nothing but “good vibes” and a dime from time to time,pretend to be Our Savior to convince the market to spend money and give value to is new coin and leave you hang on for 2 years minimum hoping he doesn’t fail miserably again in the while.


I can see how this could be managed this with people on chain. It is not clear how those who bought in exchanges like Binance will be managed to prove what dates they held LUNA. The exchanges would have to do that accounting and i am not sure they would care about it. CK said in one of his Tweets, here was barely aware of Terra and UST and LUNA until this happened. He was not happy for the distraction.

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Anyone have any idea what the value on the new luna would be?
thats if they force continue with the forking that the majority is against…

Thank you.

It is most definitely not knowable beforehand, but the supply is going to be 1B no? So if the initial market cap is $100M, it will be $0.1 per luna and so on. Definitely won’t be a large amount for anyone.

exatly, this is why the community is so pissed off, all this compensation plan is a joke, probably if you lost thousands dollars on luna,you could just invest 5-10$ in the new luna at launch and have more new coin that the ones do kwon gives you, without waiting for years.

more than 90% of the community want a burning tax and maybe a compensation tax(in a total 2.5% fee on transation) so the system could heal in months or a couple of years, old investors could be compensate 1:1 on value(you get lunas from the market based on the value in $ every week until they reach the $ you lost) and everyone who is still holding and buying now will gain a lot, this generate trust and appeal on the market… maybe this will work, maybe not but the community want to bet and run this road


Any distribution should be done based on the real time marketcap (circulating supply) when the purchase was made. Someone who purchased 1,000,000 tokens when the supply was 8 billion on the early morning hours of May 12 should receive 1,000,000/8billion100e6 = 12500 tokens, whereas someone who purchased the 1,000,000 when the supply is now 6.5trillion should receive 1,000,000/6.5trillion100e6 = 15.38. If this is not considered this would be pure theft.

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Let team know to distribute people according to the current supply they bought at.
If someone bought at 1,2,40,60$ and supply was 400M-10B they would get according to that supply!
Don’t make them compete against 6.15T.
Or snapshot before the halt!

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