If you are wondering how much will you get


I don’t know if this is official link or not but you will get to know how much you would get.

But R.I.P to those people (including myself) who bought during 8 to May will get literally nothing.

IF you bought 350 luna at the cost of 700$.

You will get 0.0051 :joy:

Price needs to be 140000$ to get even, good luck with that :joy::sob:

Its not fair in my opinion.

They need to think about the distribution.

There should be three type of cetergory

1-People who bought before the attack
2-people who bought before the last halt (8 to 12 may)
3-people who bought after the last halt and buying now.

Or three snapshot is needed!
Second snapshot should be needed before the last halt.

Because people like me who bought during 8 to 12 may getting nothing, price was high and circulation was still at 400M to 8B max!

Or maybe distribute according to the circulation to the supply they bought at!

We feel like we are being left out.

Maybe give a little thought about people who bought during those times.


Dude, no one knows if the distribution is according to our Holdings or not! The proposal doesn’t say anything about the percentage.
What I mean by this for example, for Post-LUNA holders will get 10% of 1B, i.e. 100M; but this 100M will not be distributed according to how much Post-LUNA you were holding, which means every wallet that were holding Post-LUNA tokens, will get equal amounts of the new token. Suppose there were 50M wallets with Post-LUNA tokens, so every wallet will get 2 new Tokens. Well, correct me if im wrong but Do Kwon hasn’t mentioned anything about the percentages under the Distribution part, i.e.

“The percentage you’re holding from the 6.5T supply will be the percentage you’ll be getting from 100M.”
Since this wasn’t mentioned in the proposal, I really cant assume this is going to be the case. Moreover, if he hasn’t conveyed anything, the most accurate assumption would be that everyone holding Post-LUNA will get equal amounts of new ones from 100M.

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