Binance air-dropping significantly more than what the calculators estimated(?) (UST)

Anyone else noticed this? Seems that we’ll be receiving quite a bit more than the calculators estimated for POST UST holders? (I haven’t checked LUNC holders, I imagine it’s similar?)

Ref: Luna Airdrop | TerRarity

(POST) Binance Air Drop - 100,000 UST (x0.02354800084) = New LUNA - 2,354.8
(POST) Calculator = 100,000 UST = New LUNA - 1,329.9

Odd? I’m not complaining - I’m just wondering where the official calculator went wrong? Or if Binance is actually just being nice to us?

Note: Has anyone on Binance received theirs yet?

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I haven’t received mine yet and I’m wondering how long it’ll take.

I’m curious as to whether Binance will share the staking rewards for the vested new Luna (that is, the Luna that we are entitled to according to the schedule) or whether they will keep all the staking rewards for themselves.

I wonder that as well!

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Lol. No one believed me when I said all calculators built here are different and fucking fake, just to show off they can build a calculator.

I mean, I would lean merit to your statement had they been blown out of proportion(i.e exaggerated) but the LUNA(LUNC) ratio was correct - and is what my friend received (as per the OP calculator) - and, it also matched the calculator I was sharing on the forums (of which had over 1000 shares, hence the badge on profile).

That is probably why nobody believed you - Because you were wrong.

The only outlier in this story is that BINANCE (and ONLY Binance) choose to “apparently” give more in their ratio vs UST (as per their statement in OP) - I say apparently because I haven’t received it yet. I will know soon though.

The originally skewed calculators were removed from the forums early on - and this one that I shared in my link above was the one circulating amongst discord channels and being shared on twitter by official accounts.

Anyhow, sad - you live up to your name.

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Nice response.

Although, it does seem that other exchanges are using the same ratio (Google 0.02354800084 Luna or similar and you’ll see what I mean).

The only thing I can think of is that it’s to do with the proposal to burn the remaining UST in the community pool (thus the share compared to the total supply increased for everyone). I was never able to confirm whether the burn happened before or after the snapshot though, since voting ended around the same time (shortly before the snapshot IIRC).

I still haven’t received my post-attack UST snapshot airdrop from Binance btw…

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Me too, it should be coming pretty soon!

You might be right about the burn? I’m not sure though!

Either way, I’m happy with my decision to convert it to UST now prior to the snapshot - I was even able to sell it for 0.03 which I’m pretty content with.

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It’s true…Today I received x2…Post attack…lol.

Just got mine!

Yup, 2x what I thought I was going to get… pretty darn happy!

I have like double my original holdings in total


I brought 20k Luna when the supply still at 300m and got 0.08 new Luna. Good to see the distribution was nice and fair.

Spent 2600$ and bought ust at 0.05 now got 371 Luna. Made ok profit tho😁

I got LUNA if I understand correctly it’s 30% of the total in the future.
Why didn’t my LUNC count change?
How to manage them now?
р.с. Binance

I have 21000 luna2 in metamask binance chain any one know how to transfer them to another wallet or if i can trade?

Hey, that “TerRarity” is not an official calculator.

Official ratios are in this Terra Medium article. Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic | by Zion Schum | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium