Got only half of new Luna

Calculator was saying that I will get much more. Anybody also have similar picture? Calculator wrong? Airdrop wrong?

So do i. Where can i ask about this issue?

how many luna / ust did you own at the time of snapshot ? pre-attack or post-attack ?

I am to get a less new luna that Calculator was saying that I will get … how can we talk about it?

based on my understanding , a person holding 2400 UST as a post-attack UST holder is holding 0.000021818181818181818 % of total supply .
NOTE : ust total supply is 11,278,951,456 before passing proposal 1474 whereby almost 10% of the ust supply was supposed to get burnt and eliminated from community pool but still I assume the proposal failed to pass !
15% of total supply was supposed to be shared among post-attack ust holders which is 150000000 LUNA(NEW LUNA) TOKENS in total .
a simple math says for a person holding 2400 USTs as a post-attack ust holder will have at-least :
32.72727272727273 LUNA tokens airdropped into his/her wallet .
0.000021818181818181818 % of 150000000 = 32.72727272727273 .
30% of these tokens is airdropped at the genesis ( launch of new chain ) the remaining tokens will be airdropped after a 6 month cliff … .
at the time of launch there shall be almost 10 LUNA tokens in aforementioned wallet holding 24000 ust as a post-attack ust holder .