Burn mechanism or airdrop

i think the main issue $ value invested in luna or ust. we need to consider this.

holder who bought luna at 80 when supply was 750m
vs someone who bought luna at $1 when supply was 1T

i propose that we need to approximate summation of dollar value invested by all owners and then divide it by total coins in circulation. that is the share each owner should have in luna.

similar should be done with ust supply.

now how u do this…if you are doing airdrop, simply airdrop to older owners to bring their share of chain calculated earlier. if we are doing burn then new owners will see their tokens burned. but ultimately each invested dollar will be represented in chain.

i have not addressed the issue about peg here. i only addressed the issue about unequal ownership due to massive minting.


I agree with you. What we need to do is redistribute the token ratio to be fair with the number of money investors have invested in Luna and UST, whether we choose to burn or fork, this is the biggest priority.

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yes,so the airdrop is bullshit

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Yes I agree. it should be based on investment or coins purchased at time of different market caps. any other methods are unacceptable.

I think both burn and airdrop will happen. On 27th air drop will happen. Post airdrop, burn can be implemented in Luna classic. if you see eth-eth classic ratio, Luna classic will reach 10 cents in a couple of months.