Burn supply and provide burn waiver and/or follow up airdrop

Burn 80+ % of supply with tiered waiver system. Buyers above 100 keep 100% . Buyers above 50 keep 50%. Buyers above a a penny keep 30%. Bottom feeders below a penny keep 10 % of their coins.

Alternatively, 90 percent of all outstanding supply can be burned, and some sort of airdrop can be done following the burn for people who bought at the higher levels to compensate them for their unwarranted losses (snapshot unnecessary, simply need to set up a mechanism for Buyers to send in purchase orders to receive airdrop and no cutoff for purchase date)

Beneficial because it encourages buying at the bottom but still rewards those loyal Lunatics who bought at the top when implementing the burn of the massive supply pool. Everyone wins. No fork necessary.

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Bottom feeders?

What a nice thing to say to the people literally keeping this coin alive. If these bottom feeders didn’t buy at sub penny prices, Luna would be completely destroyed and off all exchanges.


I don’t win from being all three ‘tiers’ and this would piss off everyone


They bought the bottom. They’re bottom feeders. Not being nasty, it’s just a fact.

I’m all three as well. Noone is winning right now. I’m hopeful this will be known soon. Something needs to be done to resolve this.

Hi dear friend. Please do something as soon as possible that will ruin my whole life, I lost about $ 250,000 in luno currency. Please do something as soon as possible, really all the capital of my life is gone. Needless to say, the Luna currency was the best currency to invest in, but I do not know what happened all at once. That everything was gone…,

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Vote here ,

Your rewards do not benefit those that have been broken by losing their lifesavings on both UST and LUNA sides. They have no more capital left to buy. The better way is to burn the excess supply but we have to create a demand to do this.