Buyers from 8th-12th being left out

After depeg, many bought in thinking this was a dip, and mechanism will restore the peg.

Price from 8th-12th may was relatively high compared to later days. If someone bought at $25 now grouped with the post-snapshot he won’t get any coins. 400 Luna (that cost $10k at $25) will give you less than 1 Luna in V2.0 !

We are left behind, because we are a small group.
I suggest dividing the post attack allocation into two:

12th may snapshot 50% (5% of total supply) : Timed when above $1. Wallets from 7th (pre) Who also bought can be deducted and recompensate only the difference.

27th may snapshot for the other 50%.

Please comment and like so we can make our voice heard.


Yes! Exactly! I bought luna at $1 with all my saving and now I will only get 0,014 new luna!!! this is so unfair!!!


I have been saying that everywhere.
They seems to cover everyone in the proposal.but when comes to people who bought during 8 to 13 th may, they are being left out. Even do kwon himself credited us in the first proposal and wanted to compensate us and then he changed his plan.

What does airdrop means after attack?

It means to cover up wound an attack caused.
You are covering of some people but not the people who got hurt the most.
People who bought during 8 to 13 may lost everything. Please do consider it. Please make it fair and distribute it properly.


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what to do?


Agreed. The buyers between 8 and 13. should not be left with nothing. If it’s too hard for the team to figure out who bought on which day, use a later date for the pre-attack snapshot (May 13th, the hour before the supply reached maximum). Yes, some people will receive even more, but this is a better solution than leaving these people with nothing.

This has to be solved either based on exact time of purchase, or optimistically by moving the pre-attack date to the hour before supply maxed out - but it has to be solved. The team should bear the cost, not the buyers.


support this too. actuall during attack time, people should get 9% out of 10%.


I don’t know if it’s too hard for them to figure out what was the supply relative to the date (I would argue it’s the most important part of all this) or if it’s left out on purpose. Really I don’t understand.


It’s relatively easy. Another snapshot at 12th May above $1. Deduct the amount in wallet, in case same wallet used, from previous snapshot (7th May - pre attack). You get the amount bought between 8-12th that is from $1-$80.

This amount gets 5% of total allocation. Half of the 10% of post attack luna.

Then last snapshot at 27th gets the be remaining 5%.

We need more people to comment and maybe sprrad the proposal in twitter.


7th to 13th.


I’m sitting here watching this well planned train crash, and am just astonished that:

  1. Anyone will take Do at his word, when Luna V2 is an obvious attempt to grab whatevers left

  2. Anyone thinks that theyre going to see a single penny without Do and Co being locked up by whatever jurisdiction can get them

  3. That Elon Musk should come save the day because this farce of a currency collapsed

Wheres the 30% Vetos? Whos getting paid to abstain? These are the questions that will lead you to maybe 1 cent on the dollar back.

ANYTHING but a huge immediate burn is nonsensical.

This currency isnt worth the cost of storage space, and any funny money replacements will just be a joke. Youre already the laughing stock of the crypto world, stop whining, get organized, and do something about it.

Full transparency: I purchased a sizable amount of worthless Luna and sincerely hope it makes me filthy rich.


I support this. Please include snapshots before blockchain halt do kwon


People need to know what does airdrops means after an attack.
It means to heal the wound.
That attacks caused us Wounds.
But do kwon seems to heal some people not all of us.
We are being left out.
We have suffered the most during all this mess.
We have suffered the most terrible pain.
Do kwon need to coniseder us, consider us in a propar way he should not put us with the people who bought after trillions of supply.

Our Wounds are much worse than theirs.
We have bought during the attack.

So take a snapshot before the last halt.


Totally agreed! Especially that Do Kwon asked us on Twitter to keep believing in Terra!


Here is a proposal to compensate everybody equally. You can gladly take parts from it.


buyers who bought the dip and didn’t sell, cuz they are believers, not just gambling traders, are not getting any notice, this is not fair at all


Bought for $2, same problem


Came here to write exactly that! Bought at 48 to support Luna and falling UST. What do I get in return?? Nothing. Could buy 100000000 times more for the same money now. I think this is completely unfair !!!


bumping this too


I bought at 48!!!

I’m very confused now I believe in the luna team Now luna has collapsed and my assets have become 0 Now the new allocation puts us in the 6.5T competition I don’t have the money to compete again and the team also abandoned us