Post Attack Snapshots

  • Snapshot post attack Must be based on supply circulation from day to day *

  • In order to maintain justice for all Luna , Snapshot Holders LUNA 2.0 post attacks must be carried out from day to day based on the supply circulation on that day, if it is not done that way then Luna holders who buy between May 8 and May 12 are very disadvantaged because they must be included in the snapshot the same as the person who bought Luna with a 6.5T supply *

*Buyers between May 8 and 12 are a group of people who strongly support the project, not speculators. so please consider this “post-attack” snapshot fairly and based on the supply circulation of the day so that the community remains intact and Terra Luna doesn’t lose out on a truly supportive community. If buyers from May 8th to 12th with those who bought the 6.5T at the time of circulation were in the same snapshot then they would be dust *


What about people who bought after 7TH may.

People who bought solely based on your tweets you kicked them out.

You seem to cover us in the first proposal then you are completely ignoring now.

All the people are equal. You are covering the people who bought before 7th May and after 13 may when circulation jumped to trillions.

But what about the people who bought during 8 to 12 may price was still high and supply was 400M to 10 B at max.

You are compensating the people (i am mot against it) who sold that’s why people bought 8 to 12 may because they sold and they are compensating still

And people who bought at 0.1 to 70$ literraly getting nothing because they bought during 8 to 12 may.

IF you want to make it fair then don’t give everyone everything or do it in a fair manner.

Why it’s hard to understand there are three type of groups.

People who bought before the attack
People who bought during the attack (before the last halt)
People who bought and buying after the last halt resume.

So distribute in a fair manner.

You either do snapshot before the last halt.

Or maybe there should be three snapshot.

On 7th May as proposed.
On 12/13Th May (before the halt)
On 27th May as you proposed.

Everyone would be equal in that sense.

Because most of us who bought during 8 to 12 may literally getting nothing

Or fairly distribute people according to the circulation they bought at…


Dear its very simple from 7th to 13th of May this has to be considered as Pre-attack and distribution will be as per decided after 13th supply increased in Trillions


100% on point


Yes, please support and comment on this amendment to the existing proposal so it gets more visibility. If we don’t this critical group will find their investments will be zero with the new distribution.

Yeah the people screwed the most don’t include current buyers now because they can buy by the boatloads, but the transitory period were they were hyperinflating Luna seriously mostly late 5/12 and 5/13 when it started going from a billion to 100s of billions. They will be lumped into the 6.5 Trillion marketcap instead of their respective market caps when they purchased. This will make their stake in the Luna ~ 0. This MUST BE fixed.


100% agree. bump


Agreed. The buyers between 8 and 13. should not be left with nothing. If it’s too hard for the team to figure out who bought on which day, use a later date for the pre-attack snapshot (May 13th, the hour before the supply reached maximum). Yes, some people will receive even more, but this is a better solution than leaving these people with nothing.

This has to be solved either based on exact time of purchase, or optimistically by moving the pre-attack date to the hour before supply maxed out - but it has to be solved. The team should bear the cost, not the buyers.


We need to share this everywhere to make us heard. No one supports us!!


Forget … our faith is not needed by anyone.
Now you can drop it and move on.
Loss can be tolerated, but betrayal cannot be tolerated.


Agree of course, I discussed this on other topics, just not sure how to get our voices heard.

People who bought during 8 to 12 may please see this we are getting nothing.

We are getting out of 6.9T supply.

Suppose you bought 350 luna for 700$ so average price is 2$.

Now you will get 0.00512 new luna lol

So to even breakeven Lunas price to reach 140000$ to even breakeven!

We did not buy when supply was in trillions so we should not be compensated in trillions supply.

Look at the people who is getting compensated people who ran away from luna shorted in future made huge profit and getting compensated again

But we are getting nothing. Price was high and supply was low at that point.

Just think how much you will get of they give us according to 6.9 trillion supply!


Yes this is absolutely correct. We did not buy when the supply was in trillions, but when the supply was only a few billion. This is 3 ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE LOWER supply and yet we are grouped into the same category as the people who are buying now when the SUPPLY IS 6.5T. In this case our group gets ZILCH, ZERO, NADA! Wake up people! Support this amendment or you WILL GET NOTHING.


Thanks for sharing!


Hi guys,

someone can help me uderstand what happen in my case? I’m a little bit confused. After ust de peg i have moved my ust on a CeFi, exactly 12th of May, am I entitled to compensating? If yes in which percentage and when? If not i need to move back ust to my terra wallet to have compensating?

Many thanks in advance to all can help me!

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actually, they bought more than any of the original investors. 35x more Luna was purchased between $0.70 and $5.80 than ANY other period. ~$350M worth of luna was purchased at that point, whereas the previous high was $10M. It’s really bizarre than so few people DCA’d their luna holdings, and more bizarre that they think they’ll get their distribution will be worth anywhere NEAR what they paid, even more bizarre that they think they’ll receive their airdrops before the teams and whales get theirs and dunp it back to 0, but be my guest and vote for this awful plan.


They were not aware of the future and certainly not the hyperinflation that was going to hit them like a brick wall. Typically between DCA by buying the dip and in this case the dip was a bottomless pit which sucked up their savings. At least some return is better than zero, but currently the way the proposal is return their return will be zero so the intent is to consider the marketcap at the time of the proposal which was 3 orders of magnitude lower than the current marketcap and distribute appropriately.


How can they not see how they are literally destroying people?
People bought with their everything and they don’t even get a decent amount.

I will probably get 0 52 luna lol wow.


Push .




fully supporting this 3 snapshot model which I also raised yesterday.