Can someone tell me how much new luna i will get?

i have like 30k ust im post attack holder.

with my calculations, 150.000.000/11,278,951,456=0.01329, 30.000x0.01329= 398.97 around im right?

Before and after the attack, Terra owners will be divided into two. 35% refund will be made to those who hold it before May 7, this refund amount will be 10% for after the hack event after May 7

Outta curiosity, does it take into account those among us that had ust locked stacked on Binance?

Theoretically you are right. But in reality I think you will get a bit more bcuz not all USTs are on chain so those might not be counted.

I’m getting 3 Luna and I’m not wrapped

well my ust are on binance do it will count? or how it will get counted? i have to move to terra station or where everything so complicated…

@Arindrom_Saikia I’m not sure how much you will get, but one recommendation that I got from several people is to have it in a non-custodial wallet as opposed to on an exchange before the snapshot on the 27th.

Someone posted a calculator on this subreddit. Your calculation checks out.

Here it is Calculator Based on Proposal of Fork by Master Stable Coin :P - #4 by Goldenra1n

Remember that Luna’s current offer is 6.5 TRI LunasV1.

Then you will receive 0.00006 LunasV2.

wake up!