Redelegate Vesting Luna 2.0

i just redelagated my vesting luna 2.0 to other validator,…
will it be any problems apppear to my vesting luna?
thank you.

No problems, just keep an eye on the validators as only the top 130 by voting power get rewards. I made the mistake of delegating to someone outside that for my LUNC and now need to wait 21 days to redelegate again.

Excuse me, how does lunc pledge? Why can you pledge? I can’t pledge.

LUNC cannot be staked, that was stopped at the last chain halt, because with such a high supply/low price, it is too easy to manipulate governance.

You can tell me where the lunc can be pledged outside, because my current luc is of little value, so I’m not willing to sell it off.

It cannot be staked anywhere.

Where to find relevant information to choose validators? On Terra Station I can see voting power and commission, but where do I find uptime and self-delegation?

How can I redelegate my vested Luna 2.0?
They were delegated to a validator automatically and I want to redelegate them without having to wait 21 days.

But the redelegate button is not available.

Hey, you need to go to the page of the validator you want to redelegate to, not to the one you want to redelegate away from :slight_smile: