My validator does not give me my LUNA1 and does not give LUNA2

My validator does not return LUNA and LUNA 2 , Argues that everything is beyond his power and says that all questions are for TFL. TFL simply ignore all my letters and all appeals, and Anchor on the forum, too, everyone is silent and does not give answers when it will be possible to take everything from the project. What do i do? I came to a free project, and now I’m being forcibly detained. I want to get out while there’s still something left!

what do you mean your validator doesn’t return you luna/luna2? you should be in control of your funds, didn’t you stake from your personal wallet? because if you did - you are in full control of lunc and airdropped luna.

maybe you mean something else by validator?

I staked LUNA 1 before the attack, now I can’t get it back from the validator. When I choose to pick up from the validator, I get an error Tera station.
And in general, everything and everywhere hung, and even Orion money! My mirror protocol assets are now worth a penny! The shares are the same as they were, but the crypt is 0. On the Miror forum, they sent me in the ass. They don’t respond to anchor at all! Why did they close me everywhere for money ???

it’s a lot of words, but not very much is clear.

let’s sort out your staked lunc first, you can’t undelegate it you say? what are the exact steps that you take?
have you tried undelegating through

30% new luna airdrop should just be in your wallet, while 70% is vested for 2 years, so you won’t be able to access it immediately.

lunc can’t cancel. With such a frequency of posting, it hints that I would just score…

are you using a translator mate? have no idea what you are saying.
can’t you make one post explaining the exact issue?

unable to cancel LUNA 1 delegation in Terra station wallet

well, why not? you can’t press undelegate button? or getting an error? got a screenshot? have you tried doing it through